Oregon -Driving up from Santa Cruz-

I got fired by a sales company after working there for 2months. The first big swell of the year was approaching in a couple of weeks and my girlfriend Hannah brought up the idea of an Oregon road trip since I had nothing to do. Her uncle Kenyon has a beach house in pacific city, Oregon so we started planning out our 10 day journey up the coast

It takes about 12 hours to get there so we took 2 days to drive up. We packed two longboards, my daily shortboard, 4/3 wetsuit and booties, spearfishing/fishing gear, and camping gear for the trip. I usually never wear booties because San Diego never gets that cold even in the winter, but I needed them for Oregon.

We left Santa Cruz in the morning and made our way to Eureka where we planned to fish for our dinner. The north jetty was supposed to be good for fishing and we saw a few people fishing already so we took out our fishing poles and waited for some fish. What we learned from this trip was we hated jetty fishing. Not sure how many times our bait got stuck in the rocks and we had to cut the line haha. And yes, we were skunked and we left. Oh, we met a guy who hates northern Oregon after Newport in the parking lot and he told us to use shrimp. Well it was too late but it was a good break from driving.

Hannah was still unsure where to camp that night, so we just drove a couple more hours from Eureka and we decided to check a low key spot called Florence Keller in Crescent city. She has a great campsite app called ioverlander and the spot was on there. Highly recommended. It was actually a great campsite. Surrounded by huge redwoods and not many people were there. I don’t think many people know about this spot, even the sign was very small and it was easy to miss. We got there right before the sunset, so we started a fire and heated up our caned soup since we didn’t catch any fish that day. We set up our tent and just fell asleep to be ready for another road trip day.

The next morning, we left before the sun lit up the forest completely so we would have time to surf some spots on our way up the coast. Our friend Kiley was a Surfline forecast (surf forecast app) for us this whole trip and we checked some of the spots she told us on the way. Soon after we started driving, we arrived in Oregon. The first thing we noticed was the gas price. It was stupidly cheaper in Oregon. The last gas station in California was only 5 minutes behind and it was $1 cheaper. We stopped at the first beach after the border and it was really pretty but there was no swell there. We met a sweet lady at the beach and she told us she’s never seen anyone surfing there before. It was pretty and we were amazed by how people are nicer in Oregon. We also checked by a jetty but it was also too small for surfing that day.

We also checked a cool spot called Natural bridges probably only an hour away from the border. It was really pretty, its worth stopping by. There are multiple hiking trails and we took a couple of different ones to check out the views. We took a side trail where there was a sign someone wrote “This is the better way”. And it was actually better and more adventurous. It started raining so we continued to make our way North. We probably spent about an hour exploring this spot.

Even though we spot-checked a couple spots on the way to Pacific city, it was not great so we just drove all the way to the beach house. It was really foggy in Pacific city, and we couldn’t even see the rock. Seemed like the swell was too small anyway, so we just went to a market in town and cooked curry for dinner. The beach house was only a minute away from the beach and I was stoked to have the sick beach house for the week.

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