Peru & Bolivia trip 2020 day11 -Huanchaco, Peru-

food poisoning in Peru


In the middle of the night, I woke up because Josh was not in bed right next to me. He was fighting against food poisoning. I was scared too because we literally ate the same thing. We shared every single plate and it didn’t make sense if I didn’t get the poison and only Josh got it. So I was waiting for it. Fortunately, I didn’t get the food poisoning so we weren’t sure what triggered it. It might be an egg that he got for the breakfast because that was the only thing I didn’t eat.

It was 2 in the morning and I tried to find a market to buy water for him. I was lucky enough to find a market opened late night right across the street from our hostel. I didn’t know how dangerous it was to walk around in Huanchaco in the late night so I was glad that I didn’t have to walk far.

Josh couldn’t sleep until the morning and the bathroom became his friend I guess. He seemed okay and better in the morning and we were considering to move to Chicama. It’s about 2 hours bus ride from our area. So we just went down to the restaurant and had a breakfast. However, fruits he got triggered him and he had to run to a bathroom again. Apparently he wasn’t ready to travel again, so we decided to stay there for one more night and just rain check the Chicama trip.

I went to a pharmacy with Henry who traveled South America for a while and helping the hostel because I don’t speak Spanish at all and I needed help to get some medication. People in Chicama don’t speak English as much. Thanks to Henry, I got some pills and drinks for Josh. And pharmacist told us that no fruits, veggies, and dairy. He just stayed in a room and I went out for surfing while he was sleeping and reading a book and just relaxed.

I felt bad that Josh was suffering and got the bad memory at the end of this trip, but the good thing was this was the end of the trip and I didn’t get what he got. It would be way worse if both of us were dying from the food poisoning.

That night, I was having a chat with other travelers at the common space and we ended up having the whole crew and enjoyed the night. Except Josh was sleeping and couldn’t join :/

Most of them were from Germany and I figured out Germans love travel and they are everywhere.

And they bought me pisco sour. I didnt know pisco is Peruvian liquor and they told me I had to try it. It was pretty good, they said it was kinda like whisky, but it wasn’t whisky for me lol And that was The end of the night and the last night of our trip in South America. I wished Josh could have joined us and had a great last night of our trip, but things happened and im just so glad that josh felt better a bit that night and we could travel back to San Diego the next day.

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