Peru & Bolivia trip 2020 Day 12&13 Huanchaco, Peru-

Last day in Peru

Day 12&13

Leaving Peru to go back home

I surfed in the morning early enough to return the board and pack our stuff. Because this was our last day in Peru and our flight to Lima was around 1pm. The surf was good, small and mushy but ridable. Josh was already up when I came back. He was feeling a lot better that morning and seemed like he was ready to travel back. We packed our stuff and went down stairs to eat our breakfast and pay for the accommodation. I got a fish as usual and Josh got oatmeal without fruits. We still had a bit of time but started saying goodbyes to people we met in this hostel. Thanks for the positive energy everyday Henry, good luck for your rest of the trip in South America.

Since we didn’t do to Chicama, we had some cash (Soles ) left. So we bought some products from Randy(My friend hostel owner) we bought poncho which is pretty rad and some other stuff. He was so helpful and supported us in anyways that he could. We enjoyed our stay thanks to him. He even got us taxi to the airport and we only paid 8 soles for the taxi. And the airport is really small so he told us to leave there only an hour before our flight.

I usually don’t care about accommodations because I often stay at cheap hostels and only go back there to sleep but this My Friend hostel, I would definitely love to come back again.

Our plane was small as well. We just walked to the plane lol

Time to say good bye to Trujillo. We couldn’t go to the place we wanted to go sa bad, Chicama. So we just have to come back here soon to ride that longest left-handed wave.

Overnight transit in Mexico City

We landed in Lima, and flew to Mexico City. We arrived there around 11:30pm and we had an overnight Layover there. Since it was a connected flight, we could go through the immigration and stay in the departure gate area.

Only thing was it was really cold. I tried to sleep but couldn’t sleep well because I was freezing and these chairs were not comfortable to sleep.

And Josh had to use bathroom once 20min. His stomach was still messed up and he was having hard time. At the same time, my stomach started messing up as well and I felt sick in the morning. I felt not good and both of us were fighting against whatever the health issuers we had.

In the morning our flight to San Diego was departed. We landed in Tijuana and crossed CBX border and finally came back to San Diego. It took a whole day to travel back, and I had to go in work in a couple hours. I was really tired and didn’t feel good but that was something I had to do.

That was the end of the trip. Although my stomach was messed up for another week after I came back, We had so much fun and it was an epic trip. Couldn’t appreciate Josh enough to travel with me and have a great trip for 12days. Our trip wouldn’t better without him. He’s the best travel partner and best friend. Can’t wait for the next trip with him and many more to go.

I made an video for this trip with my GoPro, I usually record stuff with my GoPro and make video from it whenever I go travelling. So I can look back my trip whenever I want.

Here’s a link to my 5min video of you guys want to check it out 🙂

And yes, this is it for my super long blog posts for Peru & Bolivia trip! Omg it took me a while to get this done, but I like to put down in words and keep some records so I can come back and bring back some memories. Thank you so much for sticking with me for this long and hopefully some of the stuffs help you to plan your trip:) I don’t even know where I’m going next but I’m already sure that it would be an epic trip again. THANK YOU again for visiting my page, and I’ll see you guys soon with another great trip! Until next time, Chiao!!

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