Peru & Bolivia trip 2020 Day10 -Huanchaco, Peru-

Exploring Huanchaco


We woke up around 6 and went surfing. We figured that people don’t surf in the morning as much here in Huanchaco. Maybe it’s too cold in the morning? I don’t know. I remember that the surf wasn’t that great that morning. It was small.

After the morning surf, we came back to the hostel around 8 and took shower. Oh I forgot about this until now but the shower gave us electric shock sometimes when we touched the shower head. There was a heater connected and I think that was dangerous lol well it wasn’t a big deal for us we just had to deal with it.

We had a great breakfast afterwards, and we chilled for a day. I had time to write a blog post about this trip and read a book. I actually finished a book that I brought and I left the book at the small book shelf for some other travelers who stay there.

And I loved this common space right in front of our room.

We surfed afternoon again and we went out to buy some souvenirs and to watch sunset

I don’t know the name of this thing, but people still use this canoe looking boat to fish. And this is supposed to be the first “surfboard”

I liked how they care about the environment too.

Street food in Huanchaco

That night, we wanted to eat at the hostel because we heard they were pretty good. But we were already a bit hungry and the street food looked good so started eating “appetizers” haha

Their banana / sweet potato chips were really good!

And this fried potato I was so freaking good! There’s meat and some other thing inside. This was my favorite.

We also got a shave ice. They were everywhere so we just wanted to try. It wasn’t bad haha

Sunset was amazing. Sunset in South America. I don’t know why but sunset is one of the things that I love in this world and I really enjoyed this special sunset in Peru.

After the subset, we went back to our heater and ordered a huge meal. It was a lot and we couldn’t finish it…

We thought we had a fun day and we were planning to move to Chicama the next morning. However, the Chicama dream didn’t happen because of Josh’s food poisoning… to be continued to day11.

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