Peru & Bolivia trip 2020 Day 9 -Trujillo, Peru-

The origin of surfing, Huanchaco


This day was started unbelievably. Our room phone ringed middle of the night at 1:30. Front desk called our room. I answered the phone and I remembered my brain was confused and didn’t know how to process. The reason why we got a phone call was our flight was 4:30 in the morning and a shuttle showed up to our hotel and they were waiting for us. WHAT ON THE EARTH WAS HAPPENING. Okay, the front desk actually called us right before we went to bed around 11:30 and told us the air company were going to pick us up at 1:30. But who would think it was 1:30 in the morning! We were told our flight was 5:00pm. So of course we thought it was 1:30pm and didn’t expect them to pick us up in the middle of the night. So we jumped out of the bed and packed our staff super fast and we just ran to the front desk.

A few people were waiting for us in the van and as soon as we got there, we headed to the airport. I was really upset about this. What the actual F***. We planned our day in La Paz too and even a bit excited about it. But they changed our flight without telling us and suddenly showed up to our hotel in the middle of the night. Latam airline, you guys are really kook airline.

So we got there and checked in at the counter. So the reason why they changed our flight was this flight was going to Lima straight. So we didn’t have to transit at Cusco, which is good but why they didn’t even tell us. Fortunately the flight departed on time safely and we did a quick transit in Lima to Trujillo. We got there around 8am. So we didn’t really lose our time because of the flight cancellation, however it messed up our schedule and stressed us out a lot.

Trujillo to Huanchaco

Trujillo is really small airport. Only two airline companies fly in and out, I think the stupid Latam airline and sky airline.

As soon as we got out of the airport, taxi drivers were waiting on us as usual. There was a sign which said the prices for where you go so less likely to pay extra for taxis. We paid 20 soles to get to Huanchaco. It’s only 15min from the airport. We didn’t know but Huanchaco is where people first started “surfing”. Not with a board but fisherman started catching waves with their canoe looking boat. We wanted to go to Chicama where has the longest left handed wave in the world, however there wasn’t enough swell for Chicama, so we decided to stay in Huanchaco and wait for the swell.

Huanchaco, my friend hostel

I had a few guest house we might wanted to stay, so we asked the taxi driver to drop us off the one of them and we just walked around until we found where to stay. The first guest house looked okay but they didn’t have surf board rentals. So we walked to another hostel called “my friend hostel”. Their deal was crazy good. 27 soles per person even if we stayed at the private room with a bathroom. So 54 soles a night for us which is about $16 a night. Also, it includes pretty good breakfast meal! They served with a fresh juice which was the best fresh juice I’ve ever had, and breads, and 1 plate which you can pick from the menu. This breakfast is already $16 for us lol

Plus they had surf rentals. 20 soles for surfboard rental and 30 with wetsuit.

They only had mid length surfboard or long board so I walked around the town and maybe walked in to 4 surf shop and I could only found one decent shortboard. I rented the board from Moksha yoga and surf hostel. It was 25 soles a day and I rented for 3 days.

We settled in and we went out for surf because it was still around 10am. The surf wasn’t big but we had fun with that 2-3ft surf. The water was chilly but we could surf without wetsuit.

Explore Huanchaco

After the surf, the other people staying h Th e hostel told us ceviche was good and recommended us to check out a Mercado. It was like 10min walk and we found a small local market.

We bought a cashew there. We couldn’t find ceviche so we just left the Mercado and stopped by a small restaurant where has both local and tourists crowd . We ordered mix ceviche. It was 50 soles ($15) and we thought it was really pricy compared to what we had been eating, but it made sense once our order came.

The plate was really big and there were many different kind of seafood in there. Ceviche in Peru has corn in it and which I think kinda weird and I like Mexican ceviche better. But, here’s ceviche was actually really fire and we enjoyed it. This one plate made two of us full.

After we ate, we went back to the hostel and took a nap since we were awake since 1:30 am thanks to the kook airline. We also went out for the sunset sesh, which made us really cold in the water and we decided to rent a wetsuit for the early morning sesh. It was really crowded that evening and we were kinda over it.

We wanted to eat something American that night, so we walked around and walked in to a burger shop. It was actually really good.

After the dinner, we got ice cream by our hostel and this was fire as well

We were addicted to mango in this trip. This ice cream was only 5 soles. We enjoyed our ice cream and we went to bed that night. We explore the town a bit more tomorrow!

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