Peru & Bolivia trip 2020 Day8 -La Paz, Bolivia-

Flight was cancelled and had to stay in La Paz for an extra night


This was probably the only day that was not fun. So we got to the airport around 5:30 in the morning, and we had to kill our time until our flight to Cusco at 10am. We were supposed to fly to Cusco, Cusco to Lima, and Lima to Trujillo. We had to catch 3 flights that day. We checked in to Latam airline smoothly, and we even boarded a bit earlier than usual. We just had to fly out. However… the pilot announced that they found a fuel leak and we had to get off the plane and wait until they fix the plane. They first announced that it was going to take a couple hours, however we ended up waiting for over 5 hours. everyone was so upset and a guy at the Latam air counter was kinda verbally attacked by some of the guys. The funniest thing was they offered to give us snacks to settle this situation down lol  Bruh, you screwd all of our schedule, better give us the full refund, not the stupid snacks.

They ended up canceling the flight after 5 hours, and we had to go through immigration again to change the immigration status and there was a long line at the counter to change all our flights. I knew this was happening so I rushed Josh to get out of the gate as soon as possible and get in the line at the counter. This was the right move of the day, if we didn’t rush, we would have got stuck in the line for another few hours.

They said the earliest flight to Cusco is 5pm the next day. And they weren’t sure about the other connecting flight, but they told us they were going to send email in couple hours to confirm everything. So, of course, we thought our flight was at 5 pm the next day and going to have an extra day in La Paz. However, this was another disaster caused by Latam Airline.

Stayed at a “5star hotel”

After changing the flight, we were sent to a hotel that they booked for us. they said it was 5-star hotel, but it wasn’t, maybe 3 star. However, we had been staying at hostels so we were kinda stoked to stay in a hotel haha. They provided the dinner and supposed to provide breakfast as well. The restaurant from the top of the hotel was just so beautiful.

We searched what we could do in La Paz, and planned things to do for the next day. Also, we heard the night views were so beautiful so we went out to see them after dinner.

The night in La Paz

I felt La Paz was quite different from the other places we have been in South Africa. It was more similar to southeast Asia because the traffic was chaotic and it was really populated. We just had to do money exchange because we thought we were done with bolivia so we used all of our Bolivian dollars. Our hotel was located in kinda far from the main downtown, and we were really struggled to find a money exchange. We asked people, but most of them didn’t understand what we said and we didnt understand what they said either.. We used google translation and a few guys at fast food restaurant tried really hard to help us and told us a money exchange place near San Francisco church .

It was 15 min walk so we were going to give up to find a money exchange if we couldn’t find any after this. There were so many people walking around and it did remind me asia. There were so many photocopy shops and pharmacies, and we rarely saw convenience stores. We didn’t understand why the photocopy shops had that much demand. Unfortunately. the money exchange that kind guys told us was closed… WHY. We were tired of finding any others, so we kinda gave up and about to make our way back to the hotel. But holly cow we found a tiny money exchange which an old lady was running by the street. WOW, the lady saved our life there for the night and the next day. The rate was not bad at all and we exchanged $35. We must have looked super happy and the lady must have been so confused haha.

The night view in La Paz

So we successfully exchanged money, and the next step was to find cable cars to go up the city and see the night views. Girls on the same bus shuttle to our hotel told us to take a Yellow line for the view. We just went to the closest cable car station and tried to figure out the lines because they were not on the google map, so I needed an actual map. The line we hopped was blue and it actually runs by our hotel too. We went all the way to the last station and changed the line to yellow. We paid 5 bolivianos each for each line.

When we hopped on the yellow line, another Bolivian guy got in the same cart. Then he started talking to me in Japanese! He said he’s been learning Japanese for only two years and still studying. I was so surprised that I run into a person who speak Japanese in Bolivia!

He got out of after an station, and we stayed until the end of the line. The more we went higher, the more beautiful views were waiting for us. It was seriously the best night views I’ve ever seen.

We allés around the station a bit to find a spot to enjoy the view. We found a spot in the neighborhood. It was dark and it might not really safe, but the view was amazing. Josh’s camera captured really well.

This is the end of the night. We spent for hours to walk around the city to find money exchange and these cable car lines were actually long and it takes like 20-30 min to go back to the nearest station of our hotel. So we went back to the hotel around 11pm and we finally went to bed. It was a really long day.

BUT, we were waken up by a front desk in the middle of night. Another claims for this stupid airline, Latam for the next day.

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