Peru & Bolivia trip 2020 Day7 -Uyuni, Bolivia-

The best day in Uyuni salt flats


This was THE DAY. The best day/experience In this trip and possibly my life. The weather was better than the day before in the morning so we had a hope for the perfect reflection.

Breakfast at Mercado

We weren’t hungry but we stopped at Mercado for chicken soup.

Seemed like they eat a lot of potatoes. It was pretty good but we couldn’t finish it, the altitude made us kinda full all the time. We got some snacks as well and walked to Hodaka agency at 10am.

Unreal world, THE DAY at Uyuni salt flats

This morning, we stopped by a little town right before the salt flats where had so many souvenir shops. I bought some salts and a little souvenir for my friends.

Soon after we left there, we already knew it would be an amazing day with some blue sky. Once we entered the lake, our guide let us be ob the top of the car and enjoy the amazing scenery.

It was really crazy to drive through this salt flats and just couldn’t explain with the words. Seemed like we were in a different planet. What in the world. It is so amazing that this kind of unreal place exists in our planet. Seemed like we were in a different planet, and I felt like we were standing in a sky with all these reflections. These pictures are non-filtered and we experienced exactly what these pictures show. I just couldn’t stop being amazed by what I was seeing and surrounded by.

because of the reflection and the disappearance of the horizon, we could play with our size. This is the picture that I was trying to get barreled by Josh lol

Can you even believe this is the real thing exists in this world? Most of my friends were freaking out about this place and asked me about where was this place. Seemed like most people do not even know about Uyuni and they were amazed that this beautiful place existed.

We took the group pictures and videos as well. We used colorful plastic chairs to take cool pictures. Towards the end, the weather was started getting stormy over the town. We could see all the clouds were covering the town and it was definitely raining hard there. The only our sky in Uyuni salt flats was just cleared, we were so lucky.

 And these are the crew for this tour!

We did really enjoyed the day. Although we only had two days in Uyuni,  I was so stoked that we had a luck with the weather for Day 2 and could get to see the beautiful views with the best condition. Most people had at least a few days in Uyuni so they had more chances to score the best weather, and they were surprised that we only had a night there…

Killed our time at a cafe until night bus back to La Paz

After we got back from the tour, it was still around 3 pm, and we had to wait until 8 pm for our night bus to La Paz. We decided to take a 10 hour night bus back to La Paz because the air ticket was really expensive back to Peru. The bus was about $40 and it had a reclining seat to sleep and two meals included. We chose Todo Tourismo company for the bus, which was a bit more expensive than the other bus company, but it has a better rating from tourists and I heard the road was a little bit sketchy so we didn’t want to risk our life.

I guess there are so many tourists who have to kill time until their departure with bus companies, so there are many cafes with wifi in town. We were craving for pizza this day so we went to a cafe which had pizza. We started getting tired of South American food and wanted to eat something super American. Also, this was the first real food that we got in Bolivia because we weren’t hungry and we couldn’t eat a lot because of the high altitude. We ordered a large Pizza for 70 bolivianos ($10). We could finish it without any problems in San Diego, however, we couldn’t even finish it, we left two slices so we got a box to go. The altitude did really made us lose appetite and we thought we would be really fit and skinnier if we stay there haha

After relaxing in the cafe, we moved to another one. We still had 3 more hours to wait, we just ordered mix juice and hot chocolate and chilled for a few hours.

10 hours bus ride to La Paz (Todo Tourismo)

We walked to Todo Tourismo office around 7:30 to check-in. We could choose either the airport or in the city to be dropped off and we asked them to drop us off at the airport. The bus left on time and they served pasta for dinner. They even served hot beverages.

There were outlets to charge our devices and it was pretty comfortable. The only thing was we couldn’t connect to wifi and they played Maleficent 2 on the TV but they cut the movie out in the last 5 min. So we basically missed the ending, and we were so upset about it lol

After enjoying the movie, I don’t remember much so I think I just fell asleep. A guy waked us up when we were 5min away from the airport and gave us sandwiches and apple juice for breakfast. They dropped us off at the main street so we had to walk or take a taxi to the airport. They even supported us to get a taxi because it was 5:30 in the morning and they said it was dangerous to just walk to the airport. It was 20 bolivianos and we didn’t have any bolivianos left so Josh had to run into the airport for money exchange.

This is it for our Day7. We had the worst day for the next day because we just got stuck in the airport and had to make changes to our schedule because of flight issues.




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