Peru & Bolivia trip 2020 Day5 -Humantay Lake, Peru-

Joined a full day tour to Humantay Lake

We woke up before 5 in the morning and the tour van picked us up little past 5. It was still dark outside and my legs were still super sore and hurting from Huayna Picchu hike.

Affordable for a full day tour

We paid 140 soles for two of us for this tour, which includes the 10 soles entrance fee. It took us 2 hours to get to a little restaurant to feed us breakfast and another an hour to get to Humantay Lake. The road was pretty gnarly, too narrow and if you go over the edge even just a bit farther, I don’t know how many feet we gotta fall. So total 3hrs to get there from Cusco.

300m incline hike!

The entrance of the lake has already 3900m, which is way higher than the highest mountain in Japan, Mt Fuji. And we have to hike/climb another 300m to get to the lake.

The first half was mellow, but once we reach to the main hike, it is pretty hard. The altitude is 4000m high so the oxygen level is really low. The hike itself is not that bad but we are all out of breath and some people had to get on horses to let them carry to the top. We didn’t use the horses so I don’t know how much it was but the hike in over 4000m was a serious killer.

We were doing pretty good and I think we actually leaded our group. We had to stop often to have a deep breath. It took us about an hour to hike up.

The weather wasn’t super good on the way up there, cloudy & drizzling kinda weather. But the beautiful scenery was waiting for us at the end.

P.s. we asked so many people to take pics of us because we couldn’t get a good pic lol

Our guide explained that there was no living creatures in the lake. This beautiful turquoise color was made from all the irons and other natural ingredients, and the glaciers at the back made it more attractive. An hour hike was paid off. We just wanted to have a better weather, but it was still beautiful. We spend about 30min- an hour at the lake and we made our way down the mountain.

The sky was getting clearing out when we were hiking down the mountain! Breathtaking views…

Oh and my knee was dying this day. My left knee wasn’t healed at all from Machu Picchu hike, and on top of this hike, I seriously walked like grandma and couldn’t walk fast at the end of the day. This hike totally killed my knee.

This is our tour guide, and he gave us key chains as a souvenir. Loved to have him as a guide.

After the hike, we stopped by the restaurant again to have a lunch. It was a buffet style and food was not bad 🙂 we stopped there for like an hour and headed back to Cusco.

Night is Cusco

The only thing about our hostel was there was a restriction for a shower. Hot shower was running only 5-8pm, so we had to go back to the hostel by 8 and had to go out again for the dinner. We wanted to eat something light because we weren’t that hungry. I think the high altitude made us lose appetite, so we weren’t eating much while we were in Cusco and Uyuni in Bolivia.

We walked around the town and stopped at a restaurant which had a crowd. It was a sandwich/burger place called Chola Soy.

We ordered a lomos Saltados sandwich and Fried fish sandwiches. I don’t know how many times we had Lomos Saltados in this trip, we just loved it. We also ordered fresh juice which was fire. Josh’s Lomos Saltados was pretty good and my fish was okay, the fried fish didn’t taste that great haha

Since this evening, I remember that I started feeling sick and I ended up having some sick symptoms until the end of the trip. Josh was sick from the beginning of the trip so I definitely got it from him.. he started feeling better so I think his viruses just moved in to me haha

But anyways, we also enjoyed walking around Cusco during the night.

We also passed by this 12 angled stone. I didn’t feel this was super special somehow but I guess it is an amazing stone…

On the way back our hostel, we had a quite interesting experience at pharmacy. We wanted to buy bandaid and pocket tissue because our nose was running and need some tissues for bathroom too. And these were what we got lol

He pulled out some bandaids from the box and asked me how many pieces I want lol I was so confused and just bought whatever he gave me. I’m wondering how much would be if I just want a piece of bandaid.

Sooo this is it for our day5, we flew to Uyuni, Bolivia for our day6 and we had an amazing experience! Don’t miss it;)

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