Peru & Bolivia trip 2020 Day4 -Cusco, Peru-

Exploring Cusco -salt mine &Huaypo lake


So nexts few days are going to be about Cusco. We stayed in Cusco for 3 days, and we found ourselves fall in love with this beautiful city. Cusco was my favorite city in this trip, it was just beautiful.

Machu Picchu to Cusco

We caught a train at 5:30 at Machu Picchu station to go back to Cusco. I don’t know why but unlike the first time, they didn’t serve us anything this time. Also, it takes 2 hours to go back to Ollaytaytambo. It delayed a bit.

From Ollaytaytambo, we wanted to go to Urubamba in order to go to Salt Mines in Maras. However all the collectivo was going to Cusco and we couldn’t find a collectivo to Ulubamba. A taxi offered 80 soles to go to Maras but that was way over priced so we just hopped on the bus to Cusco.

Tours from Cusco

Paid 10 soles when we got off the bus at Cusco, and we tried to find a travel agency to book some tours from Cusco. We already knew we wanted to do a day tour to Humantay lake, so we walked in a few agencies to compare the price. The first one was 100 soles per person and we ended up finding a better deal with for 60 soles. We paid another 10 soles for the entrance fee for the lake. We also booked a ATV tour to Slat Mines in Maras and Huaypo lake for that afternoon. We shared one ATV and total tour fee was 140 for both of us. He gave us 10soles discount.

After booking all these tours, we checked in to our hostel, Guest House Carlos. It was hard to find it because it was more like Airbnb. The room wasn’t ready yet so we waited like half an hour and we headed to San Pedro Market for the lunch before our tour.

San Pedro Market

It was a huge market and we could find literally everything here. We wanted to eat Lomo saltados, and omg what we had was really big portion and it was really good. 15 soles for the plate.

We bought little souvenirs such as coca tea, coca candies, and some wallets.

ATV tour to Maras

We went back to the travel agency at 1pm and our van headed over to Maras. It takes us about an hour and half.

They taught us how to drive ATV briefly and we practiced for 10 min. There was a gear but not a clutch, so it was not difficult to drive this thing.

The view was really pretty and we had a luck with the weather. Peru has so many nature and different faces. The more we explored Peru, the more we fell in love with what they have. It had so much fun driving ATV around.

After driving around the lake, we dropped off the ATV and hopped on the van again to go to salt mines.

Salt Mines Maras

The guide said there are over 400 salt mines squares. It was not the season when we went there so we couldn’t see the white salt mines but it was still beautiful

It was pretty impressive that they had this system so many years ago. Inka people are really smart apparently and I wanted to know the whole story behind it.

We bought some salt which was pretty cheap for souvenirs and we headed back to Cusco.

Cusco’s night view

That night, we went to a bar called Limbus restobar, to see the night view in Cusco. I googled where is the best spot to see the view and this bar came up so we tried to walk in. It was pretty busy at the bar and a guy told us there is no seat out side. we should have made a reservation. But somehow the guy gave us a outside table with the night view, I guess we were lucky.

This night was the only night we went a fancy place and had fancy foods and drinks. It is great to have this kinda night sometimes. Had a great night.

This is it for Day4 for us and we went to Humantay Lake the next day!

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