San Fransisco Trip -Day1

Hello guys, welcome to my first trip to San Fransisco! I’ve lived in San Diego for 3 years and I hadn’t visited San Fransisco, and my friend, Seika from high school in Japan called me couple weeks ago why I still hadn’t visited him. He goes to City college and transferring to UC Burkley next semester. I checked the air flights from SD to SF, and it was only 100$, so I booked my flights right after I talked to Seika on the phone. This is how I decided to visit San Fransisco.

I flew there on Tuesday night, and I landed there around 7. We went to Seika’s house to drop off my stuff and we headed to a Mexican Place that Seika recommended.By the way, San Fransisco is very expensive and Seika’s rent is $900 + utilities; he has his private room but sharing bathroom, kitchen and other common spaces. I pay $500 in San Diego for almost same deal, so I definitely can’t live in SF, even food and other stuff are pricy too.

So we went to a Mexican place called West of pecos, I wasn’t even expecting an authentic Mexican like we have in San Diego, and my expectation was so on point actually haha. They have a fancy duck taco; I’ve never heard “duck taco” before and I was very confused at first haha. It was actually really good and just so fancy, but I liked our greasy tacos in San Diego lol The restraint was just so fancy and it was Seika’s treat for my birthday. Here’s my guy, my birthday was already half a month ago.

After having a nice dinner and drinking a great caktail, we went out to Castro for a gay bar. Seika is my great gay friend and he knows what he is doing there. He took me to Beaux. We were drunk enough to dance and have fun at the bar. It was my first time going to gay bar, but I had so much fun there.

People there were so nice, not that crazy people, and it was different from what I expected actually. We went home around 1am, not too late and we just went to bed to be ready for the next day.

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