San Francisco Trip day2


We woke up around 10am, and headed to Seika’s favorite Chinese place for lunch in China town.

Seika is Chinese, so I trusted him for the Chinese food haha. It was actually one of the best Chinese place ever; it was different from what we have in San Diego. Our Chinese is more like “Salt and Pepper chicken”, “fried rice”, and so no. but This place was Dim sum style. and they bring us a cart with food in it, and we can pick whatever we like from the cart. It was little expensive, but definitely one of the best Chinese place I’ve ever tried.

After the lunch, we walked around the china town, and we came up with the idea. What if we took BIRD? BIRD is kinda same as Lime Bike and they are mostly scooters, not bikes in SF. We downloaded BIRD and started our journey with the scooter. Our plan was cross San Fransisco from China Town to Golden Gate Bridge.

It wasn’t as fast as we thought but we were so excited and we had fun. We thought it was electronic but it wasn’t that electronic so we had to kick and push to get speed. We got to our first destination, Justin Herman Plaza to grab some coffee from Blue Bottle, and ice cream from an ice-cream shop across the Blue bottle.

The ice cream was absolutely one of the best, it tasted so good to me.

When we were about to head to the next stop, Pier 39, some kids passed by us with the lime bike with high speed. We were so confused because our bird was super slow and we even had to push ourselves. We asked them why their bikes were so fast and they told us our bikes might not have enough battery lol

So we changed our bikes to Lime Bike, and OMG, it worked great. I didn’t know what we were doing before lol

We crused to Pier39, and did little walk.

We got huge strawberries at the market, and saw famous seals there.

The smell was not as bad as our seals at La Jolla haha
And we passed by fisherman’s dworf, and saw some crabs and shrimp sandwiches.

It looked really god but we were still full from our lunch, so we headed towards Golden Gate Bridge.

We stopped at this place on the way to Bridge, it’s after Black point.

Our Lime Bike batteries were dying so we had to switch out our bikes too.

Also we stopped at Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. It’s free entry so it’s totally worth it to stop there.

Our like bikes’ battery was dead when we finally go to the under of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our mission completed.

We travelled a lot and we had so much fun exploring this expensive city, San Francisco. Thanks to him.

We took Uber to get back home and I think we went out for gay bars that night too, not sure tho lol

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