San Francisco Day5


My last day in San Francisco.

We woke up around noon since we went home 3in the morning, and we started to plan what we were going to do that day. I had to catch a flight back to San Diego that evening.

We decided to go back to Fisherman’s dworf to eat that Club sandwiches that we didn’t eat last time.

I got a club sandwich and he got a shrimp one. It was really good but it was kinda hard to finish them,

There was a music, people were dancing, and it was really good vibes there. I love it.

Before I had to grab Uber to the airport, we stopped at a park to chill. Some people were getting sun tan, some kids were running around and some were smoking. This is San Fransisco. Totally different vibes from San Diego, but it turned out to be a great trip thanks to Seika. He is the craziest guy I know but he is definitely something, lots of potential. Don’t wanna be with you every single day, it’s maybe too much, but see you soon bruh, it was really fun. Thanks for making my trip great.

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