San Francisco Day3


We rented a car and we went to Napa valley. We rented a car by Turo. Turo is an App that someone who don’t use a car rent their car to people who want to rent a car cheap. It’s a car version of Airbnb.

Before we drove to Napa, we stopped by Oakland to see our friend from high school.

Actually, we went to a same university in San Diego for a year. I didn’t know her well until then but we got close in San Diego.

We had a lunch in cafe and Seika and I headed over to Napa. We went to a winery and did $10 wine testing as a first time.

Honestly, i had no idea what I was tasting, tasted almost same, but we felt like we actually grew up by doing this lol

We stopped at another winery and headed back to San Francisco.

Before we went back home, we went to Twin Peaks since we had a car. It was such a beautiful view but it was cloudy as always and cold up there

We went to Ocean Beach too. I wanted to stop by to see the surf but the wind killed it and no one was there. Usually Ocean beach got a big wave.

That night, San Francisco states university’s graduation was held in AT&T Park. Seika’s friend graduated so we went there at he last minutes. I was surprised how big the graduation was.

We went out that night too but don’t remember much haha

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