Malaysia KL

When I went to Bali, i had a layover at Kuala Lumpur for 13 hours. Lol

There is a direct flight from tokyo to Bali, but transit at KL was cheaper and i have a friend from high school lives in Malaysia so I decided to stopped by and be a tourist.

I arrived early in the morning like 6am. I used an App “Grab” which was advertised a lot at the airport. It’s pretty much like “Uber”. There is no Uber in Malaysia.

It took about 45min to my friend’s apartment. She had to go to school in the morning, so we had a breakfast and I took 2hour nap at her apartment and she went to school.

Once she came back, we went to eat lunch with her friend. It’s a local food court.

We could pick whatever we want. It depends on what you get but it was around $2 a dish.

This was very sweat milk tea. Forgot the name but she said it’s Malaysian drink.

After the lunch, we headed to KL. We first went to a China town.

There are foods and souvenirs. It was just interesting to walk around.

We grab a grab taxi and went to twin tower. My friend took me to the behind of a huge mall, KLCC Shopping mall where we can see the tower.

This is the inside of the shopping mall.

We had a fruité juice in the mall and we rush to KL Central station. My flight was around 7 so I wanted to catch the bus from the station at least before 5pm. We got there around 4:30 and went to a ticket counter. The ticket counter is down stairs

You’ll see the sign “aerobus” and “skybus”. The ticket is 12 RM. it’s about 60min to the airport. But be careful. The bus is usually 20min cycle. I asked a guy what time the bus was going to leave. He answered in 15min. So we went to a bathroom and came back. It hadn’t been 15 min but the bus was already gone, and I had to wait another 20 min. So just get in the bus if you don’t wanna miss it.

It was only a day but it was fun adventuring Malaysia thanks to my friend. Thank you Rin for show me around!


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