Costa Rica Trip Day7


Last day in Costa Rica.

Marc and I woke up 5am early in the morning and headed to Playa Hermosa.

We went in the water with the sun rise and no one was there. It was literally only us.

The surf was around head high and we enjoyed our last sesh in Costa.

Our flight was early afternoon, so we headed to airport. We stopped by this “Jaco” touristy spot and took a pic. Jaco to the airport was about 2 hours.

Thank you guys for making this trip so great. It was my first surfing trip ever with my friends. These guys make my life in San Diego better and can’t imagine how I spend my days without them. Thanks to this trip, I really started thinking about surfing more seriously and now I really want to be a “surfer” that I pursue.

Thank you all for reading this Costa Rica blog till the end! Visit my other blogs if you still haven’t read, there are some other adventures too! Thanks a lot.


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