Costa Rica Trip day5

Day 5.

We woke up around 7 and we went to check the surf at playa Guiones.

It was like double overhead. There were local guys taking pictures with a huge camera. We understood without discussing anything, it’s too big for us.

We asked the local guys that is there any spot that even us can surf. Then they told us that one spot, the north of playa Guiones would be little smaller and it works for the high tide. Called, Playa Pelada.

It’s about 15 min drive from playa Guiones.

It’s completely a right break and rocky reef underneath. It was still middle tide when we get there, and it was small. However, once we get into the water, it was getting bigger and became overhead-double overhead swell.

It was very very crowded tho. Almost all people came here since other places were pretty big.

Onetime, I got stuck inside because of big sets, and the wave dragged me to the bottom and I got cut from the rocks.

I felt something in my fingers too some how but I ignored that that time…

After all, it was a good sesh tho! Surf was pretty good and fun even tho there were so many people there.

On the way back, we had a lunch in the town of playa Guiones. I would say this is a local Costa rican food.

Also we got coconuts from this local shop.

It was a dollar for a coconut.

We went back to our place once, and we got ready to go to Playa San Juanillo. I remember it took about 45 minutes.

A guy told me about this beach when we stopped at a surf Shop. He told us that that is the best beach to snorkel. So we packed our snorkel stuff and drove over there around 4pm. We tried snorkel but the current was kinda strong and also the water wasn’t that clear. So we snorkel a bit and gave up haha

There is a little cave too. You can experience little adventure too

We watched the great sunset and went back home.

My fingers were hurting so much so we checked closely and it turned out that I got so many sea urchins in my fingers.

Total 4 fingers, about 12 urchins. Luckily, my friend had a needle so they took all them from my fingers. It was crazy hurt actually.

We had some beers and went to bed. We were leaving playa Guiones the next morning so we packed almost everything and got ready to leave this little town.

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