Costa Rica Trip Day4

Day4 in PlayaGrande

We woke up early to check the surf. We wanted to surf close to the river mouth (the name of the surf point), but we couldn’t find a way to get there from playa grande. So we just surfed at playa Grande witch is right in front of our hotel.

That day was cloudy and bit windy. Surf was a bit wired too.

Here are many shells on the beach.

It was getting bigger, so we got out of the water and packed our stuff and headed to playa Guiones which is 2 hour away from there

We stopped at Tamarindo to walk around a bit. It was much more touristy.

We had a little break there and headed to playa Guiones. The roads are all dirt, not paved. But they drive like 60miles / hr.

On the way, a guy was just looking at a tree, so we also stopped our car. The guy was looking at these monkeys!!!

And also people are riding hourses sometimes.

We had to cross the river too! We were so stoked to cross the river because we’ve never had he opportunity in San Diego! It was such a cool experience.

To get to our Airbnb, we had to drive on the beach. That’s the only way to get there

This is a tiny road from he beach and we stayed only 20 sec walk from the entrance of the road. The Airbnb was like a container, not a actual house but it was clean and enough for us.

It was already sunset time when we get here so Marc and I tried to surf a bit but it was low tide and surf sucked. So we went out for dinner in Playa Guiones .

We went in a Mexican restaurant. Tasted good. The price was around $10 or less than that. For got he name of the restaurant, but there was a table tennis in the house and it was quite fancy local place.

We bought some beer and went back to our place that night. We wished the surf would be good next morning.

Ps. Here isn’t any big market there, and most of the convenience stores are closed early, so keep in your mind if you ever visit there!

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