Costa Rica Trip Day3


We surfed at Playa Hermosa early in the morning. We packed almost everything the night before so we didn’t have to rush after surfing.

The surf was not as good as the day before, but it was still good! We got good amount of the waves.

We said good bye to Jaco Inn, and headed to San Jose airport to pick up our friends. We thought they were landing around 12, but their flight was a different from ours, so it was actually 2pm lol we killed our time at a huge mall close to the airport and picked up our friends.

We drove over to Playa Grande which is close to Tamarindo. It’s 5 HOUR DRIVE!!!!

It was really far. But playa grande is pretty wild. No lights and no paved road. We arrived at our hotel at 8pm, but there wasn’t any people there. It said the last check in was 6pm, but what kind of hotels offer the last check in before sunset….

we asked a restaurant right next to our hotel and they called the owner of the little hotel ish hostel. Luckily, we could check in.

The hotel itself was nice. We stayed at Sugar’s Monkey. I booked through and I think it was a special deal, only $35 a night for a room with 4 single bed.

After we checked in, we drove to Tamarindo to see how it’s like. It was pretty touristy, and we went in one fancy restaurant for a dinner. It was already past 9, so some restaurants are getting ready to close.

Also we stopped at a surf shop close to our hotel. There is a barrel to take some cool pics too. We took some rest that night to charge for the next day.

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