Costa Rica Trip day2

Costa Rica day2.

We woke up early for the morning sesh. We drove to Hermosa beach which is 10min drive from Jaco. We brought only our boards and the stuff we needed to surf. We were told we shouldn’t have brought any money, phones,etc.

Playa Hermosa is very famous beach because there are some big competitions there.

The surf was head high and overhead for the sets. It was actually great! However, myleash was broken and I had to drive back to our hostel and drove back up again to the beach. We got so many good waves and satisfied

After the great sesh, we headed over to

Nauyaca waterfalls in Dominical where is two and half hour away from Jaco. We can go there by ourselves without any tour, but it is recommended to have a 4×4.

Once you get closer to the waterfall hike, you’ll see signs. There is a small office by the road, so you’ll have to buy a entry ticket. $8 per person and $3 for the parking. If you have 4×4, you can drive down to the parking. The road is very steep and narrow, so if you don’t have 4wd, you should pay extra and hop on a tour truck.

There is a bourse tour too if you are interested.

It’s a 45minutes to an hour hike to get to the waterfall. The day we went, it was muddy and hard to walk smoothly, also it took us more than an hour.

But we saw some wild monkeys on the way and it was pretty wild.

After an hour, we finally got to the waterfall. We were told that we could climb up the waterfall and jump from the top by a lifeguard.

He said we could reach the bottom of the waterfall from the right hand side, and climb up.

Marc and I were the most curious and adventure one, so we started to climb this freaking waterfall. But at one point, we had to close our eyes and climb by our senses because of the strong water.

This is the hardest part. Marc went first, but he could find his way correctly and he ended up falling from the waterfall. I didn’t see it, but when I reach the top of it, Marc was gone, we was already fell in the water. He looked confused and scared, but he swam back to the land so I didn’t worry as much.

I jumped from the waterfall successfully and rush back to where my guys were.

Luckily, Marc was okay. He slightly crashed his shoulder and head to a rock underneath the water. The lifeguard was blowing a whistle to let him know he was at the wrong spot but he couldn’t hear because of the waterfall. So, if you go there and want to challenge the jump, you SHOULD look back to he lifeguard and follow his way. You WONT hear the whistle while you climb.

We were lucky. So glad that Marc didn’t die and we didn’t have to bring him to a hospital.

We hiked back to the parking lot and headed back to Jaco. We wanted to be back by the sunset to surf, but we couldn’t make it.

At the end, this Nauyacan waterfall was 5 star waterfall hike for me. It was not too long, and the waterfall is dynamic, trust me. It’s worth it.

That night was the last night stay in Jaco Inn, and we would pick up our friends, Ann and Andrew the next day.

Our guest house has this strap thing to hang out. I was so into it somehow haha

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