Costa Rica Trip Day1

Hello friends! This blog is finally about Costa Rica! Costa Rica was one of the best country I’ve visited.
It was my very first surfing trip with my friends from San Diego.

My friend, Mikel and I flew from Tijana, Mexico around midnight. We lived in San Diego, so we used CBX to cross the border. We paid $30 for a round trip, but it was really easy; we flew from Mexico but felt like we flew from San Diego.

Our transit was at Mexico City, and we reunited with another friend, Marc there. He decided to join our trip very last minute, so he couldn’t get the same flight as us. Our layover was kinda long, and we finally flew over to San Jose, Costa Rica. We landed there around 11, and we drove over to Jaco. it took us couple hours to get there.

We stopped at Tarcoles river where we can see wild crocodiles. It has been an attraction for tourists because of the immense population of the crocs.

Then we finally arrived at our Airbnb in Jaco. We stayed at Jaco Inn 3min walk from Jaco beach.

And there was a huge iguana on the tree. They pooped everywhere and even on my friend’s surfboard bag hahahah

We went to taco sol before sunset surf.

They had a burrito San Diego which had fried in the burrito lol we were actually surprised that these burritos and other Mexican menu were almost same price as in the US. Jaco is very touristy city so things here are tourist price.

After the meal, we rushed to the beach. The surf was so magical. It was small but it was so good. Each waves that we took, they were mellow and chill. We could hit the lip for a few times a wave easily. It was one of the best surf sesh ever. We were so stoked and couldn’t sleep that night lol

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