Europe trip day21 -Paris-


It’s been 3 weeks since I started this trip. And this day, my friends in Europe were planning to reunite again since Shino came back to Paris with her friends and Hana was still there.

So I joined them since I missed the flight the day before. We went to a fancy cafe for branch.

After we ate, Hana had to go back to Grenoble, so she left Paris.

It was sunny and warm day in Paris, which was rare because of the winter season, so we decided to walk to Effel tower and arc de Triumph. I stayed in Paris for a week but I didn’t even go to Effie tower. I think I wasn’t interested in Paris that much…

It was the most beautiful weather and day during my trip in Paris. And we walked over to Effie tower.

Seriously, this beautiful weather seemed like Paris was welcoming me again.

That night, we went back to Tomomi’s place and had a dinner. The very last night in Paris, and this Europe trip. No more extra days this time. We already missed this amazing trip, talked about our high school days, and joked around as usual. Nothing had been changed since high school. We just grew up and experienced more meaningful stuff, but the fun time we spent back in high school was still there.

Maybe only thing that had changed was drinking wine haha.

My fellow friends, Kaoru and Shino went back home after the fun night. I really think our friendship got tighter since this trip, and I was already looking forward to seeing them that summer when they come back to Japan.

Only I stayed with Tomomi, and we felt it was empty. I don’t even know what if Tomomi weren’t there at that time. I stayed with Tomomi for so many days, which wasn’t expected, and she welcomed me. I survive in this freaking city thanks to her.

I was really glad that I had such a beautiful day with my people in Europe and extra 2 days in Paris was worth more than my stupid $500 air ticket. The next morning, I got to the right airport, and flew back to San Diego safely.

My 3 weeks were really amazing and I’m so glad I came to Europe all the way from SoCal and share this precious time with my favorite people. Thank you so much for traveling with me guys. This was definitely one of the best trip ever.

This is it for my Europe trip. Thank you for reading!

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