Europe trip Day20 -Paris-

I was supposed to head back to SoCal, San Diego that day.

When we arrived in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, I tried to find a gate for flying back to San Diego. However, I couldn’t find Terminal S in the airport. Then Hana said the scariest thing ever; “I think you are not flying from this airport.”

I was so confused at first, but she was right. I landed in a different airport, Orly airport from San Diego. I was just stupidly blind.

Hana called Uber for me, and I rushed to the airport. I had 2 hours until my flight but the thing were its an hour away from CDG, plus Hana ordered Uber share. So my driver picked up another people and dropped them off. I barely used Uber before so I didn’t know about Uber share. So I was upset to the driver at first but it wasn’t his fault lol

I arrived at the airport 7 min later the service counter closed, which means I missed the flight back to San Diego.

I went to the service counter to negotiate my flight but they didn’t let me in and I couldn’t even fly back with different flight that day because the ticket was very expensive.

So I went straight back to Tomomi’s apartment since I didn’t have any place to go. Luckily, Hana was there too, and my friends and i searched my flight for a while and I took a $500 flight which flew 3 days later, and I got extra few days in Paris accidentally.

We had a dinner at tomomi’s place and the day was over peacefully at the end haha

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