Europe Trip day18 & 19 -Finland-

Day18 in Finland.

We didn’t have much plan on this day. We just had to move to another Airbnb where was little bit far away from the city. So we woke up late and checked out around 12, and we walked to McDonald’s which was used to be the northernmost McDonald’s in the world. But now is in Murmansk, Russia.

We killed a time a bit and we caught a bus to our Airbnb. It was early afternoon, so little kids were out of school and were waiting for the bus.

our Airbnb was really nice. It even has sauna and we could relax at the end of this freaking long trip. I got fever and were super tired, so we decided that we watched a movie and just relax for the night. We wanted to see stars but it was too cloudy to see them.

next morning,our last day in Rovaniemi, Day19.

We walked to the closest bus stop to go back to Santa Billage to kill time until our flight to back to Paris, but it was such a disaster. Google map didn’t work because of the snow, and were completely lost. Some old guys were skiing( I think they used ski as a commute tool ) and we finally arrived at the bus stop but we were late. Those buses were usually only once an hour or so and we couldn’t wait them.

So we tried to hitchhike middle of no where. The problem was, not so many cars were there. It didn’t seem like we could catch a ride, so we walked to another bus stop and waited the bus for 30min.

It was freaking cold out side but nothing to do out there so we played with snow until the bus came. It took us two hours since we left Airbnb and took the bus to Santa Village. It was fully new experience lol

We went back to Santa Village and killed our time. I had a reindeer meat with fries there. It was my first time eating reindeer; it’s not bad at all, I prefer beef or pork but it tasted good actually. I do t even know when I have an opportunity to eat reindeer again, so I’m glad that I had reindeer this time

We walked around and went in some souvenir shop that we couldn’t check the day before.

Af the end of the day, we took a bus to the airport and flew back to Helsinki. We arrived there at midnight and our flight to Paris was early next morning so we slept at the Helsinki airport. That was my first time spending a night at an airport. It’s not comfortable of course but it wasn’t too bad. We slept 3-4 hours and flew back to Paris next morning.

My little journey was supposed to be over and I was going to fly back to San Diego from Paris right after landing from Helsinki. However, I got a huge problem and couldn’t fly back that day… I’ll explain my shitty story in next blog, see you guys there haha

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