Europe Trip Day17 ② -Finland-

Day 17, night blog.

There are so many things to tell for day17 that I have to write two posts.

We join a aurora & ice hotel tour held by Japanese company, and we were the only customer that day.

We hopped on a bus and it was about 30-45 min drive to the Ice Hotel.

Our guide introduced the hotel and we went on a little tour in this hotel. There are bar, dinner place, family room, sweet room, and so on.

Each room has a theme and all different. So it was fun to see each unique rooms. But the only thing was it’s all ice in this freaking cold country, so I don’t know if I want to stay here haha

After we went on the tour, our guide prepared a sausage which we can cook by a fire pit.

After having a hot tea and some snacks, we went out to a lake by the hotel to look for the northern light. The lake was of course frozen and we could walk and stand on the lake. Also we played with sly by the lake.

I laid on the lake and the night sky was unbelievably beautiful. One of the most beautiful night sky I’ve seen.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see aurora this night, we might be able to see it if we go farther north, but this night was fun and memorable so I don’t really care.

We could stay at the hotel for maybe couple hours. We left the hotel around 11:30, and our bus driver drove us to our Airbnb since we were the only customer, so we didn’t have to walk 30min from Santa Clause hotel.

On the way home, our guide told us unbelievable story about Santa Village. Our guide asked us if we saw two Santa Clauses. She also went to the Village a few years ago, and she also met two Mr.C. So she asked a stuff at Santa Village why there were two Santa. The truth was the one we met at the end was the real Santa Clause who’s been there for years and years. And the one we first met was the fake Santa who does business and on most of the media. So Santa whom we see on TV is the fake business Santa.

What an interesting story. But it was suck a bummer that there were two Santa in this Santa Village, it shouldn’t be like that.

To wrap up this blog, We were lucky enough to see the clear sky for two nights in a row even though we knew the reason for two Santas…

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