Europe trip Day17 -Finland-

Day 17…

I woke up afternoon because of a fever the night before; I slept through until 12 because I think my body was tired and needed some sleep. I felt better than last night and the fever was gone but I still had a headache.

A plan of the day was going to Santa village before joining a tour which was going to a ice hotel.

We took a local bus close to our airbnb, but we didn’t know where exactly was the bus stop, so we asked local people about the bus stop. The image of people in Rovaniemi was really warm and nice, they were willing to help tourists and other people, it was really nice little town.

We took a bus and the driver was super kind that she told us the bus was once an hour so we should have waited a bit before.

The Santa Village was more beautiful and bigger than I thought.

We went to a post office where we can send a mail from Sant Village and special stamp is posted on the mail.

You can choose either you want to mail it now or for Christmas.

Actually. I used to send Christmas letters to Santa Clause every Christmas when I was little. I wished want I wanted for Christmas haha. Those letters arrived here and Mr. C wrote me back every year. So it was such an excitement for me to visit where reminds me my childhood.

We walked around the village and we went in an one little house. There was Santa Clause in there. We couldn’t take any pics with him; the picture is 20 Euro..

However, I felt something wrong; we asked some questions and he answered what he wasn’t supposed to.

Hana: “how many languages you speak?”

Mr. C: “hmm maybe 6 or 7”

Wait a second, Isn’t Santa supposed to speak every single languages in this world? Our Mr.C has to be a magical guy. Also his fake beard was slightly off from his mouth…

When we got out of he Santa house, the sky was burning. Half of the Santa village is still part of Europe and other half is arctic circle, so the day is really short during winter. The sun really doesn’t go up even middle of the day, and it goes down early afternoon.

We were about to leave the village, and we went in the last building. And we were confused. It was a Santa greeting house.

We already met Santa in a different place and this new one looked more gorgeous. We went in and there was an another Santa in there, and we asked the same thing as we asked to another one.

Hana:” How many languages do you speak?”

Mr.C :” Hmm, I don’t know because I can speak so many languages. I can’t count.”

This was the right answer that we wanted! And this Santa explain how he can fly to every kids in one night. His night is way more than ours because he travel all around the world and there is time differences because of the rotation of he earth.

This Santa seemed the real one and the one we met first looked fake. And the most importantly, Santa Clause has to be only one in this world. So we were like what on earth is happening in this Santa Village? But we couldn’t find an answer of course at this moment. Surprisingly, we would know the reason this night.

But the village it self was really pretty and you can even meet reindeers.

Also! You can get a Finland stamp on your passport. (.50 Euro) and there’s a arctic line right in front of the information booth.

We had to go to Santa Clause hotel to join a Aurora & ice hotel tour at 7, so we left the village around 5.

It’s going to be a long post, so I’ll continue this to the next blog. See you there!

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