Europe trip Day15&16 -Paris&Finland-

Day 15&16.

We flew from Barcelona to Paris, and came back to a place where I started this trip.

Paris was just a transit, and we supposed to sleep over at the airport, but we asked our friend, Tomomi if we can stay over at her place. Also, I contacted Yuiko who I couldn’t see when I was in Paris, and Kaoru if we could meet that night.

It was already around 9 or 10 but they came to see us.

I hadn’t seen Yuiko for years since we graduated. She is going to an university in Paris and Perdue her dream as a pianist.

After seeing off Yuiko, we went back to Tomomi’s apartment, and I slept maybe 3 hours but Tomomi and Hana didn’t sleep at all that night.

And i didn’t expect that I would see those people in Paris again at this moment…

Hana and I hopped on a train super early in the morning and we flew over to Helsinki first to transit and landed in Rovaniemi, Finland.

We took a shuttle bus to go to our arbnb; we told a bus driver where we were going to stay, and she took us to right in front of the Airbnb.

After we checked in, we went to super market, but the problem was google map didn’t work because of the snow. Some of the roads / streets were closed and filled with the snow. So it took us more than 30min to get to/ find super market.

We bought things to make pasta for dinner and some snacks.

I took a nap after having a dinner until northern light hunting tour.

But it turned out to be such a nightmare for me. When I woke up from the nap, I didn’t feel good. I noticed I had a fever and headache but I didn’t want Hana to worry about me and I wanted to go on the tour, so I tried to pretend to be fine and we went on a tour.

The town of Rovaniemi was pretty clouded and even us noticed there wasn’t any chance to see the lights in there.

Our driver drove us couple hours north and waited the northern lights to be appeared.

We couldn’t see clear and huge lights, but there were some out there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see as clear as this picture.

But I think we could say we saw the northern lights haha

We have to come back here to see better ones. The guide served us a hot blueberry juice. I didn’t know but Finland is famous for blueberry and it was pretty good.

It was really good experience but I was actually dying from the fever whole time. When we got back to our Airbnb, I went straight to a bed and slept 12 hours.

The next day would be Santa Villege which was the most exciting day in Rovaniemi.

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