Europe trip Day13 -Rome&Barcelona-

This was the last day in Rome and last day with Kaoru.

We woke up early and headed over to the airport. Kaoru was going to fly back to Paris and the others to Barcelona, Spain.

Our flight was earlier than Kaoru, and we said good bye. The trip with those people was seriously the best trip ever, and I thought this friendship would last forever.

In Barcelona, our friend from high school, Saya was there. So we stopped by her house to drop off our baggage, and she took us to her favorite restaurant.

The food was the best of the countries where we visited. I had been bored of pasta, pizza, French bread, and those type of Spanish food was really delicious. The best food in this long trip.

After we enjoyed our first meal in Spain, we headed over to Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is still in process and its said that it would be 2026 to complete.

I didn’t know but the theme of his huge church is nature. You can see the theme here and there if you pay a close attention.

we bought the entrance tickets online because it says that we could not get in when it’s packed. The entree was pretty smooth, so I highly recommend to buy the ticket online before you go.

The time when we got out, it was already getting dark, so we stopped by a supermarket to buy some snack and wine.

We were to tired to stay awake and I fell asleep on the couch earlier than the others. The next day would be the last day in Spain, Barcelona

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