Europe Trip Day12 -Rome-

This is day3 in Rome. We went to bed late the night before, but this was our last day that we had a whole day, so we woke up early and tried to go to as many places as we wanted.

Our day was started from Parco degli Acquedotti.

Its a park, and there is a huge raised aqueduct. It is not a popular touristy spot, but we were glad to go there. It was actually one of the favorite places in Rome for me too.

There wasn’t anything but the aqueduct, but it was just so beautiful.

After seeing it, we headed over to Bocca della Verità.

I don’t know if this is famous in the U.S, but it is pretty famous in Japan. It is in Santa Maria in Cosmedin church, and I highly recommended to go there early, because you have to wait to take picture when it’s busy. You do not have to pay, but there is a donation box.

but Why this is so famous? The gossip says “when you put your hand in the mouth of Bocca della verita, your hand will be chopped or can’t pull your hand rom the mouth if you are a lier. ”

It was close to Roman Forum (15 minutes walk), so we walked to the Roman Forum. It was beautiful and powerful even from outside. We went though Campidoglio; we didn’t know what it was, but it was pretty.

Roman Forum only has couple entrance, so you might have to walk far if you are at the opposite direction. I love those type of ancient stuff, so I was so amazed to go there.

Rome Forum was a ancient city, and we could imagine how it was back in 2000 years ago. Can’t believe people built those things such a long time ago and some of them are still there. It was really beautiful.

We walked around and saw almost every thing and we had a lunch near colosseum. Things in Italy is not that pricy, compared to France. We could eat lunch at really nice restaurants around $10.

Ps. These Tiramisu and pudding were the best ones ever.

After having a lunch, we headed over to Colosseum. Colosseum was my favorite for sure and I want to come back again. There were so many tour guides around the colosseum and they tried hard to have some tourists

There was a line and we waited like 30min to buy a ticket and get in the Colosseum.

I was so excited to see one of the most beautiful ancient ruins. We could image that how people enjoyed contests/battles back then.

Definitely one of the best experience in Europe.

It was around 3 or 4 already and we tried to go to Baths of Caracalla. It closed around 5 or so when we went there so we didn’t even know if we could be there in time or not. We run to the Caracalla, but it was too late to get in. To get in there, we have to be there 30min before the closing time. So we just had a nice exercise in Rome lol

We were going to have a dinner with our old friend from high school who lived in Rome, and we still had a time so we went to Piazza di Spagna.

However, there were so many people because of soldes (huge sale)

We were so tired and you can even tell from the picture lol

We went to a restaurant that our friend, kento recommended. He brought his friend, and we had the most international dinner ever. Kento can speak 5 or 6 languages and so can his friend. Moreover, my friends can speak more than three languages. It was only Maori and I who can speak only English and Japanese.

Sometimes they spoke French and Germany some how lol

But that night changed my life little bit. I was shocked when I couldn’t join their talk and my friends were so cool. And i thought how cool if i were able to speak three languages. So I started thinking to learn another language, and I’m actually going to Indonesia for 4 months to learn the language and level up my surfing skill.

We went back to our Airbnb and played card games with wine.

None of us wasn’t that close to Kento when we were in high school but it was really nice that we could see each again in foreign country and became close friend. It was such a fun night, thanks Kento.

This day was the best day in Italy, Day13 would be the last day in Rome, and flew over to Barcelona.

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