Europe day11 -Rome-

Our 1st day in Rome was great. We went to the restaurant we went last night to grab break fast, and we started our morning.

We went to Vatican as a first destination. We were planning to meet up with our best friend, Shino from Germany that afternoon, so we went in a Saint Peter’s basilica.

It was already 1pm when we got out from Saint Peter’s basilica

On the way to Vatican Museum and Sistine chapel, we noticed the worst case scenario. There was a piece of paper on the wall; it says “Sistine Chapel will be closed at 13:30 due to Holy Mass.” The Christian holiday, Holy Mass is January 6. It was the day before, 5th, so they closed early.

We were shocked. The main purpose of visiting Vatican was going to Sistine chapel.

So we changed our plan to meet up with Shino and grab a lunch first. We walked around walked in a Italian restraint of course lol

After lunch, we went to Vatican Museum.

It was close to 3pm. It was really interesting to see different kinds of arts. Even Maori, Shino, and I who are not that interested in museums, we had fun seeing those stuff.

Kaoru and Hana love these stuff and they wanted to take time and read all details. So we were apart without any notice and “team no interest” left “team interest” lol

It was already dark when we got out of the museum. We were planning to see Kaoru’s old friend in Rome, and also we still wanted to see around Italy, so we went to Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. until we met them.

Some people played some instruments right in front of Pantheon, and the little town it self was really pretty and romantic. To get inside of the Pantheon is free, so highly recommended to just stop by and see it.

We walked around the city and we took picture at some fountain.

After that, we went to the Trevi Fountain. it was packed there and we really felt we had to watch out for pick-pockets. There is a gossip;
1. you can come back to Rome if you throw a coin looking back,
2. you can stay (meet) with a person you love.

Interestingly,we all looked back and threw a coin to the fountain. We took travel side instead of love lol
The fountain was huge and dynamic, I think it is one of the sightseeing spots that you must go in Rome.

We finally met Kaoru’s friends, Marco and (sorry I don’t remember his name…). We had Italian dinner at Marco’s friend restaurant..

The restaurant was close to Castle Sant’Angelo, and it was really beautiful view!!

We had an interesting dish too..

This is artichokes, but never had artichokes like this. The taste was great and I actually like it a lot tho.

We enjoyed our dinner for maybe couple ours and they took us to a view point which we could see this beautiful city, Rome

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