Europe day10 -Switzerland & Rome-

It’s a beginning of the most exciting days. We had to catch a flight from Genève, Switzerland, so we hopped on a bus from Grenoble. It took us about 3 hours to get to he airport.

We had some time until our flight so we tried to see around Genève. We took a train and went to United Nations and Broken Chair right in front of United Nations.

It is close from Genève station, so if you have time to kill, it might be a good little sightseeing place.

The chair is missing one of the legs, and it symbolises the strong oppositions of wars and land mines / cluster bombs.

For the United Nations, we just looked from outside. There is a tour if you wanna see inside and learn about United Nations

We went back to the Genève station but we still had time to kill so we went in a Starbucks. We wanted a cup of coffee, however the problem was we didn’t know how much was Switzerland Franc. Switzerland is out of EU so the currency is not Euro.

And a cup of coffee was about 600CHF. We tried to think and guess how much it was. If 100CHF were $1, it meant that freaking coffee would be $6. That sounded expensive. So we guessed US dollar worth more than CHF.

We bought our coffee and used Starbucks WiFi and searched how much it was. At first, we were confused.

Because it said 100CHF = 120 Japanese yen. That means 100CHF = about 1.1US dollars.

Our guess was completely wrong, it was even opposite. Our coffee costed about $7. This is twice more expensive than in the Us.We wanted to get out from Switzerland ASAP at this moment lol

Well we stopped by Genève just because Genève airport was the closest airport from Grenoble and cheapest flight to Rome, Italy, so luckily we got out from the most expensive country couple hours later.

Even our flight was fun, we played cards and we landed in Rome pretty quick

We landed in Rome around 8pm and we reunited with Kaoru; she flew from France somehow.

We grabbed a Uber to our airbnb and we went for a dinner

My first legit Italian pasta!!!

We ended up talking a lot and staying up around 3am, but I felt like we were taking back and filling up our missing couple years that we couldn’t meet.

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