Europe Day9 -Grenoble-


We woke up kinda late since we ere tired from snowboarding.

It was raining as usual and we didn’t have anything to do, so we went grocery shopping. It was 10-15 min walk from Hana’s apartment and we got things for Japanese curry, tonight’s dinner. We got potato, some veggies, tangerine oranges, milk, saucisson, and wine.

I fell in love with saucisson in this trip. And also potato, milk, tangerine orange. Interestingly, milk doesn’t have to be in the fridge in Europe.

As you can see, we put bunch of potato in Curry lol

After we ate, we went out for Japanese×French meeting? Hana said they have this exchange drinking night every week. So how this works is French people who want to speak or learn Japanese and Japanese who want to learn French gather and have fun.

Maori and i couldn’t speak French but They could speak Japanese so it was really fun night even for us.

This was the last night in Grenoble and we headed over to Rome Italy the next morning!

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