Europe Day7 -Grenoble-


It’s been a week since I started traveling Europe and I finally left Paris.

Maori and I took a train early in the morning ( the fee was free since it was right after New Years and the gates were open), and got on a bullet train to our next destination, Grenoble.

It took us a few hours to get there. Our best friends, Hana was waiting for us at the station.

We still don’t know why we stopped there lol Grenoble isn’t a huge touristy spot, and nothing to do over there lol

It was rainy as usual and we went to a taco shop for a dinner

Interesting thing was French people called this “tacos“, but it actually looks like burritos. It was cheap and tasted good at least for me so we went there for two nights lol

The first day in Grenoble was just a traveling day and we went back to Hana’s apartment and went to bed for this night.

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