Europe Day6 -Paris-

Day6 is New Years eve 2017! The last day of 2017. Can’t believe that I spent my New Years eve and New Years with may high school friends in Paris.

The day was started right. Tomomi and I woke up around 9 and we were supposed to meet up with Maori around 11 at Sainte chapelle. I don’t remember much but Maori didn’t make it on time, so we stopped at Notre-Dame de Paris, which is only 10min away from the Sainte chapel.

There was kinda long line to get in but seemed like we didn’t have to pay to get in, so we decided to go in the Nortre-dame while we were waiting for Maori. The inside was huge, and the mass was going on. We were very lucky to see the service and the tone of a pipe organ was soft and strong at the same time. There are careful stained glasses in the Nortre-dame and you can learn the history of it too. It is free to get in, but it is 10 Euro to go up to the roof top.

After getting out go the Notre-dame, we headed over to Saint Chapel to meet up with Maori. The entry fee for the chapel was 8 Euro with a young adult discounts.

Also, I think I forgot to mention, but students in EU can get into most of these chapels and museums for free! So it was free for Tomomi.

The chapel is famous for it’s beautiful stained glasses. The best time to go is from noon to early afternoon, so the stained glasses absorb the sun light the most. It is not a huge chapel, but it is definitely somewhere you wan to go when you visit Paris.

After that, we went to l’Opéra to meet up with our another friend from high school, Kaoru. She was supposed to hang out with us a few days before, but she got food poisoning and couldn’t even come back to Paris.

I met her last summer in Japan so It wasn’t a long time, but I missed her. We paid the entrance fee, 8 euro with the young adult discount, and started to explore the l’Opéra. l’Opéra was my favorite in Paris, we didn’t go there to see the actual Opera, but we could see the inside, which is very beautiful and worth it. The hall way? was very gold which I hadn’t seen before and everything was inspiring and pretty.

They even have a little library which looks like pat of Harry Potter movie, and also a little museum for the history of Opera. I highly recommend to go there.

By the time we got out of the l’Opéra, it was already 4. Also, Our plan for the New Years eve was make a dinner at Tomomi’s apartment and went to a countdown event at Arc de Triumph

So we headed to where Tomomi lives, and went to a super market. Since it was New Years eve, the market closed at 6, and we went there 30 min before closing, so it was very packed. Our plan for the dinner was hotpot and some appetizers for wine. Got some veggies, Saucisson, wine, and cakes. The Saucisson is my favorite in this trip. It is more like Sarami, and is a variety of thick, dry cured sausage that originates in France. I had the Saucisson for entire trip in Europe lol

Tomomi’s friends joined us and we had 6 people to spend the new years eve! It was really fun, we just kept talking and joking around. We left her apartment around 10:30 for the countdown.

We took a train, however it didn’t stop at their the triumph, it skipped 3 or 4 stops which are close to the arc. So we ended up walking little far, but it wasn’t too bad we were all excited. The only concern we had was terrorism. Its New Years and bunch of people gathered in one place. I had never thought about or even concerned about terorrists, but it was in Europe and it could happen. We discussed little bit if we should go or should not, but we ended up going there. The security was crazy, they made us open up our bag and even jacket to see if we didn’t have any weapons with us. It was crazy but definitely good experience because that thing wouldn’t happen in neither in Japan or where I live in the US.

THere were already many poeople and we were far from the arc de triumph, but we were close to the screen lol It really didn’t matter for us, it was just fun and what mattered to us was spending New Years with our dear friends in freaking Paris. Seriously, what a year, that was the best New Years ever for me.

After the event, the problem was how to go back to the station and go home. Since close stations were closed in order to prevent the heavy traffic, we decided to walk to the opposite way from where we came from and go to the closest station that were open. We walked through the heavy crowd for maybe 30-40 min and finally made it to the train. We came home around 1:30 and we still kept talking and drinking a bit, and We finally went to bed around 3am… Its okay, it is once a year thing and we enjoyed our time.

However, that was a last night in Paris, Maori and I left Paris 7 in the morning to catch a bullet train to Grenoble where our another close friend lives. We slept only a few hours and headed over to the next destination. That was it with Tomomi ( I accidentally met her couple more times in this trip later on), and Kaoru came after us to Grnouble a day later.

So! We are done with Paris, and the next destination, Grenoble.

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