Grand Circle Day6 -Bryce Canyon & Las Vegas-


The way to Bryce Canyon National Park

The last destination for national park was Bryce Canyon national park. We left Green River around 8. We got full tank of gas and headed over to Bryce Canyon. We wanted to stop for a brunch on the way to the park. It was a 3 hour drive, so we were hoping we could find a place to eat. However, every town we passed, it seemed like there were more cows and horses than people, and we couldn’t any place to eat. There was usually only a tiny gas station for each town and cafes that we found were closed… However, on the bright side, the drive to get there was kinda amazing. We passed by Black Dragon canyon. and it looks like this.

We missed the view point exit, and we wanted to go back but the next exit/return was over 10 miles away so we gave up.

I was low key worried about snow. It was early April, and we had snow in Grand Canyon, so I was worried about getting there. Fortunately, we didn’t have to worried about snow even though there were some snow in the mountains

When we got to the town right before Bryce Canyon, it was the biggest town and there were some places to eat. I googled and there was a steak house, so we went there. However, it was closed due to the off season. So many places are closed during the off season.. Fortunately, Subway was open so we got our lunch there and headed to Bryce Canyon.

In the Bryce Canyon, we only did one hike. The hike is called Navajo Loop Trail and it starts from Sunset point. You can park at sunset point and walk down to the trail. It is 1.3 miles to come back and takes about 1.5 hours. It hits a junction with Queens Garden Loop Trail at half way through the trail. There were still snow and the trail from the junction was closed when we were there. So we had to either go back to where we came from or continue the hike to the Queens Garden Loop Trail. We took the Queens Garden Loop trail and ended up with Sunrise view point. It has a little different view from Navajo Trail; there were trees which we didn’t see in the first half, and here is one of my favorite picture in this trip.

It took us about 1.5 to 2hours to come back, but it was totally worth it. We could see some snow here and there, and we could actually go through Bryce Canyon’s unique rocks.

After getting to the Sunrise Point, We took a rim trail by the canyon to go back to the Sunset Point where we park and started the hike.

After this hike, we went to couple view points that we can see the canyons. Their views looked kinda same; it was like Grand Canyon.

So we decided to leave Bryce Canyon to the next destination, Las Vegas.
I recommended to stop at the visitor center too. There are many souvenir that you can get, and I personally liked them. They have more variety compared to other parks.


The very last destination, Las Vegas

To Vegas, it was a long way to go. I wanted to show Las Vegas to my mom and brother so I was hoping we could get there around 7, but we ended up checking in our hotel, Gold Coast Hotel and Casino around 8. Our hotel was little bit father from the main strip, but there is a free shuttle going around, so we took the shuttle and went out to explore the bright city.

We tried to go to Paris Las Vegas hotel, but we were kinda lost to get there. We ended up going through Bally’s Las Vegas and finally got out of the hotel and could see the famous Paris hotel. I’ve been to Paris before but the quality of the hotel was actually great lol They even have arc of triumph.

There was one more thing that we wanted to see. The water fountain show by Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The show was every 15 min after 8pm, and we got there in the worst timing so we waited about 15min. But the show was amazing, The best water fountain show ever for sure.

We wanted to see other stuff too, but the last shuttle was at midnight, so we hopped on the shuttle and went back to the hotel. Las Vegas is special, it’s a golden city with tons of money is going around. BUT, we don’t party, we don’t gamble, so that few hours stay was enough for us haha.

This day was a long day for me. So much driving, I don’t know how many miles I drove, but everything was totally worth it. DAY8 is the final day of our trip. Our very last destination was Six Flags, and headed back to my home, San Diego.

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