Grand Circle Day5 – Monument Valley & Arches State Park-

Here’s Our Day 5 and the farthest destination from my city, San Diego.

Jeep tour at Monument Valley

We joined a Jeep tour in monument valley early in the morning. A tour guide from native Navajo brought us where people cannot get in, and showed us a deep monument valley.

It was about 3 hrs and we really enjoyed the tour.

To get in the Monument Valley, you have to pay $20, but if you go early enough, you can just go thru the gate. We went there around 8 and we didn’t have to pay for it.

There are some petroglyphs too, and you have to join the tour to see them

You can drive the circle and see the monument valley, but the Jeep tour can take you to the deep inside of the valley and you can experience more stuff.

And FYI, RVs cannot get into the circle, so if you drive camping cars and wanna get close to these beautiful things, you should book the Jeep tour:)

The farthest national park, Arches

After the tour, we headed out to Arches National park in Utah. It took us 3-4 hours to get there and it was around 3pm the time when we got there. We didn’t have time to do all the hikes, but we did enough for three, four hours.

We went balanced rock and double o arch trail at first. Balances rock is pretty easy hike, it only takes you 15min, and 0.3miles. You’ll surprised how this rock is balancing on top of the another rock

Another trail was one of my favorite.

It is not long, you can do it within 30min. But it is more climbing hike at the end

And this is not the end. You can go climb to the right under the second arch. It is pretty steep too.

This is the top. I liked this hike a lot. You can feel the earth and nature, at least for me…

After this hike, we went on a landscape arch. It is about 1.6 miles and could come back in an hour. I feel like this is one of the famous hike in arches national park, and it is amazing

This hike is pretty easy, no elevation.

But, you can also go further from here. It is connecting to devils garden trail, and it is the most difficult trail in this park. You actually feel like climbing a Rocky Mountain lol

we didn’t go all the way to Devils Garden trail, but we went to Navajo Arch and Partition arch which are not that far from Landscape arch, but you still have to climb rocks.

This is the right after landscape arch. It was really fun adventure for us

And we stopped at Partition arch. I recommend this one, the view is amazing

Then. We went to Navajo arch. These two are pretty close each other and you can go these two within 30min

we tried to climb as you can see. It is doable, but I got scared to come down, so climb with your own risk.

Also, we stopped at pine tree arch and tunnel arch on the way back. The pic is at pine tree arch. I liked this trail, because you can see many arches.

Another thing is, you can find spots to climb in he trail. It may be risky, but we enjoyed finding spots and climbing these rocks.

After this hike, the sun was already set and time to go to a hotel we booked in Green River. Which is about an hour away from Arches, but hotels are cheaper. We stayed in motel6 and got some Mexican food close by. It’s a little town so there weren’t many things going on, but you definitely wanna get a gas before leaving there, because nothing there after leaving Green River until you hit Brice canyon.

This day was one of the most exciting day for me maybe. This trip is already towards the end and Day 6 is the last National Park, Brice Canyon.

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