Europe Day5 -Paris-

Day5 in Europe.

Tomomi and I woke up around 11, lol since we stayed up late the night before and Maori went to Louvre museum by her self so we weren’t in hurry. We started our day around 12, and Tomomi had to do some errands like going to bank, laundry, and so on so I was just waiting on her. We went to a bank by her house but bank was closed because it was December 30th. some places were closed during this season. And the time we left Tomomi’s apartment was around 3pm haha. It wasn’t a productive day at all but it was okay, I had fun with Tomomi to spend her typical day.

We planned to go to Opera theater, but it closed at 4:30, so we had to change our plan. We just walked around and explored Paris. We passed by pretty barkaries, some little shop for cheese and meat, and we found a tiny museum, (I already forgot the name), and experienced how life would be in Paris.

Tomomi took me to her favorite general/variety store. We met up with Maori here, and I bought 40 Euro sunglasses. II had looked for sunglasses which can fit my face and that was a good deal. Even the decoration for the outside was pretty.

After shopping there, we started walking to “Chatier” which I went there with Rodolphe. Google map told us it would take us 20 min but we actually walked about 40 min.. There was a line like last time and we got in there in about 30-40min

We had 3 of us so we had to share a table with one another random guy. I do not want to give them a bad references, but a waiter for our table was unbelievably rude and I was low key pissed off little bit. He kept saying “hurry up, please come on.” and rushed us to order. I understand because it was packed in the restaurant and there were still many people waiting in the line, but it was really rude and unacceptable.

Well dinner was cheap and good at least haha
And again, the potato was fire. lol

We walked Maori to her hotel since it was already late at night, but we ended up staying at her hotel for couple hours and rushing to catch the last train to Tomomi’s apartment. Thank god we could hop on the last train haha. We didn’t expect this but chatting about old days could stop your moment and you will forget your time for sure. It was really fun night.

So that was it for Day6, and Day7 is the New Years eve guys!

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