Europe Day4 -Paris-

I was so excited for this day, because I got to see my best friend from Canada. Technically, she was my friend from high school but she was in Canada for working holidays and she decided to come to Paris and travel with me. Also, later on that day, we got to see our friend from high school who is still in Paris for exchange program too!

I left Rodolphe’s apartment early enough in the morning and went to a hotel which my besty, Maori was staying. I was so glad she was here to travel with us even though I waited her at the lobby for 40min lol

We took a walk to Notre-dom which was probably 30min walk, but we didn’t go in there some how lol the line was super long and didn’t wanna be in the line. We both agreed and I noticed how lazy we were. We came from all the way from North America and didn’t wanna see one of the beautiful tourist spot in Paris lol Well, I ended up coming back here and actually got in the chapel, so it was all good tho

And we went to pantheon in Paris but we also just passed by for this one too. I don’t know why but it didn’t make us want to see and get inside of it lol

After the walk, we went to Ponpidou Center which is a national museum for modern art.

Ticket was 11 Euro for us (under 25yrs). Honestly, I did not understand the art at all… There were so many wired things here and there and they looked cool but didn’t understand them. Well sorry I can’t tell about the art and I got bored so bad in this measure, so this is it for the Pompidou center lol

When we got out of the museum, it was raining so hard. And surprisingly, our friend from high school, Asahi came to see us for a little bit! He was a year older than us, so we didn’t know him much and I found out that he was in Paris for studying play a couple days before. I texted him that we were here in Paris, and he actually came to grab coffee with us before he worked!

It was really nice to seeing him after maybe 4 years since he graduated before us, but my friends from high school often inspires me a lot. He dropped out of university and moved to Paris to follow his passion for play. Not so many people can do this, or they do not have a ball to quit school and move to different county.

After saying good bye to Asahi, we reunited with our other friend for dinner!

Tomomi is an exchange student and still in Paris for maybe a few more months. We all three of us were in the same class, but Maori and I were not that close to her. However, it usually doesn’t matter for students in Kokusai high school. What we found out after we graduated was as long as we went to Kokusai, we can be friends and share a really great time that would’t be able to share with anyone else, because we spent crazy and one of the greatest moment in our life in same high school. It sounds so lame but believe me, it’s worked out that way so many times already and also in this trip.

She has changed little bit in a good way. She was more talkative than before and showing her own personality more. We had a great time and I over slept at her apartment that night.

I supposed to stay at my another friend’s apartment, however she got a food poisoning by oyster when she was in Bretagne to spend Christmas at her old friend’s house. How unlucky she was. So she couldn’t come back to Paris, and I had to ask Tomomi if I can stay with her.

We talked about our crazy high school days and our recent lives in Paris and San Diego. We had a good chat and gonna continue Day 5 in the next blog!

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