Grand Circle Day4 -Antelope Canyon & Monument Valley-

Hey guys, here is the day 4 for Antelope Canyon and Monument valley!

We left Williams around 5 in the morning because we had to be at Antelope Canyon at 8:30 in the morning for a tour. It took us almost 3 hours to get there and we thought there was going to be a time difference at Antelope Canyon, and we thought the time over there was an hour ahread of us. So we left at 5am, and our plan was being there around 8:30. however we ended up getting there around 7:30. I was very confused at first, but we just didn’t know that there was not any time differences in Antelope Canyon.The time is same as in California. What a kook haha.

We booked an Antelope Slot Canyon tour by Chief Tsosie which are going to Upper Antelope Canyon, however, we parked in another Antelope tour company site. Before you go, make sure which tour company you book, because there are many of them and it was very confusing for me. We got there early, but we couldn’t figure out where was our tour company and we were almost late for the tour haha

There are some tour company literally by the canon, however our tour company was located in Page, where is a little town before entering the canyon. So, it made us hard to find our tour company.

Oh I forgot to tell you, you cannot enter the Antelope Canyon and explore it by your self. Only local Navajo tour companies are allowed to get in there so they can limit people to get in the canyon and keep sustainability. These past decades, they got more and more tourists and they try to maintain the beautiful canyon. You want to book a tour ahead of time especially during summer or vacation season becasue we actually couldn’t book for the lower Antelope canyon tour. We booked our tour like 5 days before the tour, and even Upper Antelope canyon tour was open only in the morning.

These tours are little bit pricy, we paid about $50 for each person, which includes a Navajo permit fee ($8 for each person), which is an entry fee to get in to Navajo land.

our group was maybe total 10 people or so, but there are so many other people from other tours in the canyon already and I realized how important to limit the number of these tours.

It was morning, we could not see the lights coming into the canyon as much as pictures we often see for the antelope canyon, but it was still very beautiful.

Our guide knew how to take good pictures, and surprisingly, he could speak Japanese very well too. He said they get tourists from all over the world and they can get to learn languages from them.

This is the spot our Guide took a pic for us,

After getting out of the canyon, our guide played traditional Navajo instrument for us.

He said, Navajo found this canyon so many years ago, and how the canyon formed the shape today was when they had storm or heavy rain, the water went into a deep crack in the canyon, called “slot” and the stream of the water has made the unique shape of the canyon. It has turned to be a meandering canyon after thousands of years.

Our tour was almost 2 hours and we were glad we got to see the inside of the canyon.

After the tour, it was still 10:30 am.
We drove to Horseshoe bend which is only 10 minutes away from Antelope Canyon before heading out to Monument Valley.
We parked in the dirt lot, and hiked down to there for maybe only 5-10 minutes.

As you can see, it was a beautiful view and a really nice photo spot.
You don’t have to hike long to get there, so it is a great spot who are lazy to hike and do not want to hike couple hours like many other canyons haha

We were planning to camp in Monument Valley that night, so we left there around 12. It still took us 3.5 hours from Page, and Monument valley is located between Arizona and Utah. So we actually crossed the time zone this time and Monument valley was an hour ahead of us. It was a long drive, but we were all excited about camping there.

I said camping, however we booked the camping site through Airbnb. They provided a tent, and there were even two beds inside in the tent. So technically it wasn’t really “camping”, but it was enough for us to call it camping lol

I booked a hotel like 30 minutes away from the monument valley because there are only a few hotels in monument valley and it is really expensive. Even the hotel I booked was $130 a night for three of us. So I was looking for something cheeper, and I found a camping site in Airbnb. It is $90 for 3 of us, and it sounds little expensive for “camping”, however, it does really worth it. I highly recommended to do this.

It was literally middle of no where, and this beautiful view was only for us. What a great experience!
We bought some vegetables and meat at the market in Monument valley, and did BBQ!

The sunset was even beautiful and there was a dog on the camping site and he was so adorable!

Only thing was it was late march and it was really cold during night and in the early morning. And a toilet was not close to where we camp, (only a couple minutes walk tho), and they have a shower too. The toilet, the door is half open, and when we went there during the night, we could see the stars and sky when we were doing whatever we gotta do haha.

However, you need to bring couple propane gases. They let us use gas heater, so you wanna use the propane gas for it. We brought only one, so heater was gone in the morning and my hair was actually frozen since I took shower the night before and it was so freaking freezing in the morning.

Well, that is it for Day4. The camping experience was really memorable and I am so glad we changed our plan form our original plan. I highly recommend to stay there instead of hotels!

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