Europe Day 3 – Paris-

Day 3

Day4, it was sunny and Paris looked little different and better than those past couple days. It wasn’t that cold and it was really nice day to walk around.

I woke up early enough to go to Luvre measium, and walking from Châtelet metro station to Luvre and passing by Notre-Dame Cathedral (Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris) , Sainte-Chapelle, Pont des Arts, and Jardin des Tuileries.

It was kinda long walk and took me about 45 or more to get Luvre museum, but I was glad that I took a long walk. I didn’t know about the bridge, “Pont des Arts” until I walked by and I found tons of love locks on the bridge. It was little sad for me because some parts of the bridge was broken and fell down because because of the heavy locks.

I just passed by the Notre-Dame Cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle because I was going to go there with my Der friends from high school when we reunited.

They looked so pretty even from the outside.

And honestly, Sene river was dirtier than I thought lol It was legit gray brown ish water and I did not expect that. But the weather was nice and how dirty the river was not even the problem and it looked even beautiful.

After passing by all these things, I finally got to Louvre Musee.

When I got there, there was a long long line to get in right in from of the famous triangle pyramid shape entrance. Interesting thing was, some guys tried to sell express ticket so we didn’t have to be in the line for 30~60min. I didn’t ask and kept being in the line so I don’t know the deal but If you don’t have a much time, I think it is a great option for you.

Ticket was 15 Euro and sounds little pricy, but I think it is worth it. I am not an art person and don’t know what is good and special, so I didn’t have any interest to go there, but I just went because it is one of the most famous museum in the world and I felt like I had to go.

I was surprised how big Louvre museum was. I walked fast and tried to see everything as fast as I could, but it took me 3 hours to see the whole thing.

I only recognized “Mona Lisa” and “Veanus de Milo”. I know, they are pretty famous and I think everyone knows.

However, “Mona Lisa” was okay, I meant I didn’t really understand what was special about it. It was a lot smaller than I thought and we couldn’t even get closer because of the security. So yeah, that was kinda disappointed, or maybe I was disappointed about myself that I couldn’t even understand the art lol

Also, there was a crowed around one statue. It didn’t have arms but had wings instead of them. It was Nike which was a motif of a company, Nike. But of course I didn’t know when I was there so I just went home and talked about it with my friends, and they pointed out the statue was Nike and also pretty famous in the world.

Wow, Marina, feel like you were missing so many things over there haha

After that, I was super tired of walking around so I was relaxing at Jardin des Tuileries which is a nice park right next to Louvre museaum. I was sittying by the pond and looking at some ducks and it was really nice moment. It was little chilly but the Sunset was beautiful.

That night, I had a dinner plan with Rudolph, so went in McDOnalds and stole wifi to search where and how to get to the restaurant, called “Bouillon Chartier”

Chartier is as famous for its inexpensive and basic dishes. The menu was pretty basic but tasted so good and I loved it. We were in the lined for maybe 30-40 min, because we went there around 7, but it was worth it.

I had snails for the first time and it wasn’t too bad. It tasted like clams or some kinds of seafood but I prefer actual clams instead of snail haha
And I ordered duck confit and potato for the main dish. It was actually really good. And I don’t know why but I fell in love with these potatoes since this day. I found out potato in Europe is sweet and so tasty. I don’t even know how many times I had potato during this Europe trip lol

That was the last night with Rodolphe and I really appreciated that he hosted me and took me so many places for fun! If I were by myself for those 3 days, I would have been so bored and would not have been this fun. So glad I did something that was out of my comfort zone and tried new things. It turned out to be an amazing experience for me and glad that I was able to make a new friend in this trip.

Thank you so much Rodolphe, see you in somewhere in the world again!

SO this is it for day4, and I’ll continue Day4 which I finally got to see my old faces.

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