Europe day 2

Day 2 in Europe.
I woke up around 12 since we went out and came back to Rodolphe’s apartment around 3am.

This was my first day of sightseeing in Paris. The weather was not good as usual, and it was so windy so I went to army museum, “Musee de l’armee”, which Rodlph recommended me. I went there by taking metro and got off at “Varennes” station, which is only a few minutes away from the museam.

The entrance fee is 12 Euro, but I think it is worth it if you like army and war histories because the museum is a lot bigger than I thought and I wasn’t even able to see all of them.

I just went for it not knowing what it was but I enjoyed seeing all cool army collections and the tomb of Napoleon. They even had a project mapping performance when I went in the tomb of Napoleon and this was the best part in this army museum for me.

You can actually walk around in the tomb of Napoleon a bit too

At that night, Rodolphe and I (mostly Rodolphe) made carbonara pasta for dinner which was so freaking good! Home made fresh carbonara! And we headed to a live music bar which bands were playing 1970’s music. I didn’t know most of the songs but it was fun night with my couch surfing host. People there seemed like they knew all the songs and loved 1970’s. Well I wasn’t born back then, so of course I didn’t know all those songs haha

That was it for day3. Day4 is the last day with Rodolphe. Check my next Day3 blog out!

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