Grand Circle Trip Day3 -Grand Canyon-

Here we go day3.
We stayed in Williams which is a cute old American town by route66, I’ll talk about it in shortly.

We woke up and headed to Grand Canyon before 6, because it took us about an hour to get to Grand Canyon (South Rim). We stayed little far from our destination this time again only because staying by the Grand Canyon State Park is pretty expensive.

We first stopped at “Mather point”
We parked right next to the visiter center parking lot (there is a sign for Mather point parking so you won’t miss it), and walk on a paved road called “Rim trail” only a few minutes from there.

Here is one of the most famous canyon in the world guys.

After the Mather point, we drove a little bit and parked by Bright Angel Lodge to hike “Bright Angel Trailhead” Usually we go up mountains and coming down for hiking, however hiking trails in Grand Canyon is opposite. Going down and coming up. The hike is total 6 miles (only one way!) but there are some points that we can return our way back. Grand Canyon national park DO NOT recommend to hike from the rim to the river and back in one day, since this is over 12 miles hike (round trip). In another word, you have to stay over night at the bottom of the canyon and coming back the next day.

1.5 mile resthouse
3 mile resthouse
4.5 miles Indian Garden
6 miles Plateau point

We did 1.5 miles hike which was 3 miles total and took us about 2 hours to come back. I’m not gonna lie, this is the worst and the most boring hike we did in this trip. It was long, and felt like more than 1.5 miles because the scenery didn’t change at all. Pretty much same. Only the elevation changed. We were so exhausted after this hike and we even took a nap in my car lol

I didn’t even have many picture for this tail.

After the hike, it was still around the noon and I was kinda bored of Grand Canyon already… shhhhh We tried to go to Hermits rest points which is very west of the Grand Canyon, since a old lady at a cashier of market plaza told me they have a great hot chocolate. However, only way to get there is catching a free shuttle. We even went to the shuttle stop, however the line was very long and we gave up to go there.

Instead, we decided to drive to desert view point which is 25 miles away from the visitor center, near the eastern edge of Grand Canyon.

That was actually a right move. We got to see elk? or Mule dear? I don’t know which were they honestly..

They were crossing the road and it made a bit of traffic haha

And here is a Desert view..

Unlike the other view points, we could see the Colorado river, and there is a watchtower witch was built in 1932. It is official visitor contact station, and there are hopi arts inside of the tower which was very interesting

When we were about to leave, it started snowing! I was surprised because it was already at the end of March and I didn’t feel that much cold that day. Also, we were very fortunate to see elk/mule again in the snow! It was so pretty and glad to see two different faces of Grand Canyon.

That was it for Grand Canyon. Sorry guys, not much detail for this canyon, becasue I wasn’t interested in that ,much..

We got back in our hotel around 5pm, and we went out to explore the little town, Williams.
It was just cute and it was like a scene from a old American movie.

I really liked the town and it was actually great to stay in Williams instead of Grand Canyon.

This is it for Day3. Day4 is Antelope Canyon, Houreshoe bend, and monument valley. We camped in Monument valley and it was one of the best experiences! See ya there!

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