Grand Circle Trip Day2 – Sedona-

So we started our day2 by aiming for the sunrise. However, we kinda slept in so the sun was just risen when we left the hotel.. But driving thru some canyons were so beautiful and it wasn’t too late to do a little hike and see the sunrise. We went on a little hike / view point by airport mesa. I do not know the name of the hike, but when you drive to airport mesa from the town, you’ll see a small parking lot on your left hand side right before Airport mesa.
It literally takes you only a few minutes to go up there but you can still see the beautiful view and feel like you did a legit hike lol

It was cold in the morning but totally worth it to go there early in the morning. It doesn’t take you time to hike up, so you still can make it even if you slept thru your alarm!

After having a chilly morning hike, we went on a “Pink Jeep tour”
We reserved our tour the day before when we arrived Sedona and saw an advertisement in the information desk. Surprisingly, we could get in 8am tour and it is called “Scenic Rim 2.0” which was $69/adult 2 hour tour. It travels to Merry-Go-Round Rock, a circular formation where Elvis Presley filmed a movie, and
the Cow Pies, distinctive rocks that played a part in many westerns. You can actually go there by your own if you have jeep or four wear drive car by taking “munds wagon trail”. It is very bumpy and twisted paths, so I don’t recommend to go in there unless you have a jeep. Even though we had a jeep, it was bumpy enough to fly out from our jeep lol

Here’s the view from merry-go-round rock. We went up pretty high and our guide explained about the history of Sedona and canyons and we really enjoyed pink jeep tour!


This is “blue agave” which is used for making tequila. It can grow up to 2m(7ft) and we actually could see them. it was so hard and our guide said some mountain bikers and hikers get injured from run into these agave

There are many jeep tour company in Sedona, but most of the Jeeps that you can see was pink jeep. And in my opinion, they are really good! Plus, they have an office right across the visiter information center, so you can reserve your tour easily like us! Check them out when you visit Sedona!

After that, it was still 10:30am, so we went to a fancy restaurant, which a Japanese couple who we met in the morning by airport mesa, recommended to us. It was by a huge Y intersection and there is a narrow path way, “Little LN” so you take that way down to a hotel called “L’auberge de Sedona Inn・Spa・Restaurant.” There is only a valet parking, so if you are not staying at the hotel and want to save a little money, you should park by the visiter information center and walk down there, only takes you 5-10 min.

As I said, this restaurant is super fancy. We had a buffet style brunch, and there were seafood, stakes, desert, breads, fresh omelets of your choice and so on. We didn’t have a reservation so couldn’t get a outside seat, so make sure to make a reservation when you go there. The price was about $50 each person. Again, this is 4 star hotel…
This is the only time we felt like we were rich people lol

Anyways, after the brunch, we went on couple hikes: Cathedral rock and Bell rock.

both take an hour and half to two hours to hike (round trip) but these two are more like climbing.

As you can see, it is steep and not like an easy hike. But if you like these type of advanced hiking, these are the place to go.

At the top was pretty windy and couldn’t stay there for a while, but it was very fun hike

Afterwards, we went on a Bell Rock climb. This one even says “climb” and I could not even know where was the path and where to go on the way up there because this one is actual “climb” and no marked pathways. I even heard some people went up to the very top, and rescued by a herycopter because they couldn’t get down. Yes I am serious this is no joke. But as long as you follow the climbing path and do not go all the way up (I don’t even know how to climb to the very top), you’ll be fine. I saw couple people at the very very top tho, do not know if they made it to back haha

Now, you know why it is called “bell rock”

And these are the end of the trail. It is not very at the top of the bell rock, but still very high and pretty view out there

This is the most excited and difficult hike that we did during this trip. It it so steep so it wasn’t quite easy to get down. Climbing up was easier.

After all these things we still had time for sunset. So we were looking for a place for a better sunset view than “Airport Mesa.” We randomly drove to a “Red Rock Loop Rd” which a guy at the information booth recommended me to drive the 15min loop.

The loop is #9 on the very left on the map and a bit away from the town.

HOWEVER, it is WORTH IT. There are a few view points that you can park your car. We could see all canyons turned to red and it was absolutely amazing. In my opinion, it was better and prettier than Airport Mesa. You cannot see the sun itself but you can see all the canyons.

This is what I was talking about!

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys about “Snoopy rock”!
It literally looks like snoopy lying on his back. Can you see it? We imagined bigger than this, so we couldn’t see it for a while haha
It is in the middle of the picture and you can clearly see snoopy’s nose, berry, and feet.

That was it for Sedona guys. Thank you for reading all the way till the end, our day in Sedona was quite long too haha. We wanted to stay one more night here, but we squeezed all schedules in only 6days, so we had to drive to Williams that night so we could hit Grand Canyon the next day.

The next blog is about one of the most famous canyon in the world: Grand Canyon guys! See ya there!

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