Grand circle trip DAY1 -Sedona-

When we planned to make a trip to the Grand Circle, Sedona was the first destination that we really wanted to visit. Sedona is not a notional state park like Grand Canyon, but that was also reason why I loved it. Sedona was a little town surrounded by mountains (aka red rock canyons and these type of bold Rocky Mountains) and It suddenly appeared when you drive through Oak Creeks. If you are coming from Grand Canyon, you take 89A and it takes you about 2 hour to get there. Its not that far from Grand Canyon, so I highly recommend to stop even for a bit after visiting Grand Canyon. In my opinion, there are much more hikes and climbs than Grand Canyon and if you wanna go for a few hikes, you might wanna stay there for 2 days at least. Surprisingly, most of my friends in San Diego didn’t know about Sedona, even though Sedona was my favorite place in this trip.

So here we go. We left San Diego 4 in the morning and drove all the way to Seligman where was the first little stop for us. Seligman is a tiny town which was used as a motif for Disney movie, Cars. There are cute souvenir shops on the route66, and we were glad to stop and experience this little cute town.

Drove another couple hours and finally got to see Sedona. We took 89A, and we went through oak creeks which was completely different view than Sedona. There are more trees and camping grounds by the river, so we were wondering where was the red rocky Sedona that we watched on TV and travel magazines. However, Sedona was surprised us by showing up right after going through the creek.

We got there around 2pm, and we went in a visiter center to get some information for hikes and trails. They suggested “Doe mountain trails” which is by red rock and you can come back in about an hour and half. So we went for the trail before the sunset. It was little chilly that day but warm enough to hike. It takes us 30min to reach the top and it was easy to intermediate hike since we still had energy to enjoy the beautiful view while we hiked.

This is still on the way to the top. How many times you can see these beautiful views in your life right? haha

As you can see, the hike was not paved of course, you need to pay attention but it wasn’t too hard. And some of them, we kinda climbed, but that was my favorite part

At the very end, we could reach to the other side of the mountain, which means we could not see the view of the top until we reached there, so that was actually great motivation to hike

Doe mountain trail is recommended when you don’t have much time.
oh, and you have to pay for $5 parking fee and I think that was good for a day in other red canyons too

So we enjoyed our first hike in Sedona, and we moved to “airport mesa” for the sunset. Airport mesa lockout is famous for sunset and you can just pay and park in a parking lot right next to the lockout. It is only 30sec walk to the view point. We got there 30min earlier than the sunset, and I recommend to get there early if you go, because lots of people came to the point as the time close to the sunset and the line for getting in the parking was long too.

Sunset was beautiful, but not beautiful enough for our expectation lol We couldn’t see the whole canyons turned to red because of other canyon’s shadow. Well, we found another sunset view point which are kinda secret and way less people and way more beautiful the next day, so I’ll tell you about it in the next blog.

After the sunset we headed to our hotel, Beaver creek Inn, in Rim Rock. We couldn’t find out where was the Rimrock since it was dark when we got there tho. It was 30 minutes away from Sedona, but we booked there because hotels and motels in Sedona are very expensive of course. Beaver Creek Inn was very nice, clean, and our room was big enough for three people. We only paid 80$ for three of us, so I think it’s not bad. I’d like to stay there again.

Well, this is it for Day1, and will continue our Sedona adventure as DAY2. We went on a jeep tour which was so sick and did couple hikes which were my favorite! See you on the next blog

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